“Our people must LEARN TO DEVOTE themselves to DOING WHAT IS GOOD, in order to provide for urgent needs and not live unproductive lives…Therefore, as we have OPPORTUNITY, let us DO GOOD to ALL People, ESPECIALLY to those who belong to the family of believers….”-{Titus 3:4, Gal 6:10}

“For we are God’s handiwork, CREATED in Christ Jesus TO DO… GOOD WORKS…, which God prepared in advance for us to do.”-{Eph 2:10}

In Titus 2:14, Paul says (speaking of Jesus), “who gave Himself for us TO REDEEM us FROM from all lawlessness and TO purify for Himself a people for His own possession WHO ARE Zealous FOR GOOD WORKS.” In this verse we see one PURPOSE, reason for Jesus saving you and me is that we might be zealous for good works. To be zealous means to be eager and earnest.

* You should Know … You were saved and part of that is to be …”Doing Good.”
* You should be Learning…To be… Doing Good…
* You should be Devoted…To… Doing Good…
* You Should be Zealous/ Earnest in…Doing Good…
* You should be availing of Opportunities …To… Doing Good…


LOOKING AND LIVING TO CONTINUALLY DO GOOD; While we may be learning in school, academically, or in the work place, business wise etc… are we learning To …DO… GOOD? While Devoted to many things are we Devoted to Doing good for others? What is it that you are earnest, zealous for and towards? For some its sports, some its possessions, prestige, power. What is it you are fired up, captured, controlled  with certain things, goals, to be “red hot” zeroed in your pursuit of something, and fixated on?… But is it Intelligently, actively DOING GOOD for others? You will and do have Opportunities, otherwise God wouldn’t tell you to be actively Doing Good as a life-style if you had not the God given power or opportunities to fulfill His Purpose, would He? With the Opportunities you have daily, weekly, monthly, yearly, are you availing of the Opportunities TO… DO…GOOD, to All people and ESPECIALLY those of the Household Of Faith…? Life is Loving God and …Others as a reflection of His Love for you.

All People  within your sphere, the circumstances you walk into are candidates for Your DOING GOOD to them and for Them. It’s part of LOVING God as He instructs us to love OTHERS.  “… Do nothing out of selfish ambition or vain conceit. Rather, in humility value others above yourselves,  not looking to your own interests but each of you to the interests of the others.”-{Phil 2:3-4}



“Doing Good” involves that which is Loving, -{1 Cor 16:14,} -Beneficial {Gal 6:10,} and God Honoring- {1 Cor 6:20}

Who will benefit Today by you CHOOSING … Doing Good ?

Someone will be better off today because you have come across their path and they are recipients of you being and DOING GOOD to them! Keep going..,


“Let us not lose heart in DOING GOOD,for in due time we will reap if we do not grow weary.”- ( Gal 6:9). Let us not deceive ourselves, there are times you may be tempted or even grow weary, fatigued, “throw in the towel” and quit, from “doing good,” the evil one accusing you, others failing to appreciate you, “BUT GOD…” says if you continue, you will reap a reward in due season. Like harvest time does not happen when you sow the seed but nevertheless harvest time comes, so you too are assured by Him you too will reap a reward. He has never broken a promise and He won’t begin with you. He is your Hope from growing weary. You persevere as an act of Love as He says “he who has My commandments and Keeps them, he it is who LOVES ME!”-{John 14:21}


“Let your light shine before men in such a way that they may MAY SEE … Your … Good works… and GLORIFY YOUR FATHER who is in heaven.”- ( Matt 5:16)

You Were Saved, Created anew “In Christ,” and part of that was for the DIVINE PURPOSE of DOING GOOD…!! Redeemed from lawlessness to be ZEALOUS,Eager…To Do Good works! So as Opportunities arise, you should know this is part of your purpose as part of His people… to be “DOING GOOD” to others… You are here to Do Good to Others. Let it sink in, Pray, ask Him to remind you and show you how to be about that which He has redeemed you for, part of that includes the “DOING GOOD!” You don’t “Do Good” to be accepted by God but because you  are “accepted in the Beloved”-{Eph 1:6; Romans 5:1} based on His Finished work!Your “Doing Good” is part Of What God has and is doing in you and is a “TESTIMONY.” So often we think “Testimony” is telling people our story of how God saved us, and that is part of it but another part is “DOING GOOD WORKS “and those who “SEE” this TESTIMONY, may Glorify your Father in heaven!

So you can TESTIFY with your Words of and to Him and you also TESTIFY to Him with your Works- Good works!

Be Maturing in your…
Learning …
Opportunities To… DOING GOOD…
GLORIFYING GOD…God is Glorified as you do!-

Don’t lose heart, Keep choosing to do good, a reward awaits you … and you are TESTIFYING  by “DOING GOOD,” and the opportunity that your Heavenly Father will be GLORIFIED!

Now you Know some reasons and perhaps reminded of  some reasons for you to…Keep “DOING GOOD!” 🙂