We are all but one breath away from eternity…

Prayer for perspective;
“So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”-( Ps 90:12).

“Teach us…” – in order to be taught …It implies we have to have a teachable heart. A submissive heart to Him. “Apply….” – the purpose of his request is that he may personally apply the wisdom imparted.Knowledge for Application not for knowledge, for information sake. Information in order to make wise application!

Wasted Pursuits; I recently read in many cultures they have what could be termed a “Three wishes,” if you could have three wishes what would you wish for?

One fictitious story is told of a stockbroker hurriedly on his way to his office when he encounters a genie on the way to his office and was asked what wish he wanted granted, to which the stockbroker asked for and received his local newspaper dated one year forward from today. He asked as he said, “to make a killing” and turned to the financial paper only to see his picture and an obituary underneath it! Temporal pursuits are that, temporal! Energy given in some places wasted. A persons possession’s are not equal to their wealth if they lose their soul what does it count for? Today a man lays on his death bed, by all means wealthy and yet hours from an eternity. Where will he spend it? Chasing, pursuing the temporal through at times hard labor and zealous endeavor and yet now faces death, and all he has gained cannot save him or satisfy His Maker.

Don’t confuse material wealth for heavenly wisdom.

We have to pray for wisdom that will help us focus on on eternal matters, so that in our day whatever our lot, be it business, school, unemployment, illness, whatever our lot, that we would have wisdom to live each day with an eternal perspective, seeking in our circumstances the Kingdom of God, not as an empty saying but as central in our goal, for Christ sake. Seeking as the priority of our lives His kingdom and righteousness. {Read Matt 6:33}. His rule and reign and that which is right by His Word. Setting our affections on things above where Christ is seated. As it was said of David,”…having serve the purpose of God in his generation fell asleep.” His life was not one of perfection but it was by the grace of God ever increasing towards one of direction, serving his generation for the LORD’S sake. -{Read Acts 13:36}

YOU need Wisdom for today,… ask Him. That may mean He shows you things even good things that are not the most excellent thing in light of where your day is to be spent. It does not mean we withdraw to a monastery, but it does mean we trust Him to help us recognize and reject any and everything that seeks to dampen our enthusiasm for Him, His Word and His Work. A grandparent can invest in a  grandchild by being kind, letting them “help” in the garage as he follows you, or in the house, garden , wherever you are and what you are involved in etc.,. Sharing His Word with them, “Teach them to your children, talking about them when you sit at home and when you walk along the road, when you lie down and when you get up.” -{Deut 11;19}. Build relationships. LOVE GOD and LOVE Others…,

People are all one breath away from eternity. Everyone you see, meet or around you is one breath from eternity, as are you…Is there anything you need to change? Ask Him, submit to Him to be taught of Him so that you may gain and apply a heart of wisdom daily in your thinking, choices,…that have an eternal perspective and outcome! Live today to love God and love others…ask Him for wisdom how to do so in each circumstance and with each person you encounter… to get to the end and as Solomon say “vanity of vanities,” chasing temporal pursuits and neglecting eternal realities is something we don’t want to do. If we have, we can confess it, and begin afresh by asking Him, “So teach us to number our days, that we may apply our hearts unto wisdom.”( Ps 90:12). I am confident He will, and you will finish your race strong and wiser and others will benefit, by God’s grace…