The fact that “God is Good” should lead us to a life that is ever-changing! It’s meant to have an Impact on our lives, influencing us that is noticeable in at least three areas, namely…

  1. TEACHABLE – ” You are Good And Do Good. TEACH me Your Statues”-{Psalm 119:68}
  2. THANKFUL – “Give THANKS to the LORD, for He is good; His love endures forever”-{Psalm 107:1}
  3. TASTING and SEEING Him– “TASTE and see that the LORD is GOOD.”-{Psalm 34:8}

The Fact “GOD IS GOOD” does not end in mere acknowledgment of this truth but leads to INFLUENCING us with a changing life In our desires, pursuits, passions and proclamations,

Becoming people of His Word desirous of Him and for Him to TEACH us requires a life in submission to Him and that we are TEACHABLE!! As a result of the realization, recognizing Of Who He is and His goodness should lead to and comes forth from us a heart of THANKFULNESS. And in Psalm 107:1 His “goodness’ is manifested in His Love which lasts forever! How wonderful is He! His love is not sporadic or has a time limit and after that we are on our own, cut off , but no His love for us is everlasting “I have loved you with an everlasting Love.”-{Jer 31:3} and This love”endures FOREVER!” ” Oh give thanks to the LORD for He is Good..” Think on His Love and Be Thankful for His Love for you!His goodness should lead us to an increasing desire and pursuit to know Him more and more and this we do through TASTING and SEEING, and His Word is His means to create and satisfy us. The word “Taste” as used here means “to try the FLAVOR of anything” like taking a bite of something to FIND OUT FOR CERTAIN What it is like like! The idea here is “testing by experience.” Imagine biting into a cake and upon tasting, then when asked would say “It’s good!” You would know that how? From experience. So To TRUST THE LORD you will too find from experience as the Psalmist says that He is “GOOD!” Tasting and seeing has to do with personal communion, experience of Pursuing Him and understanding that the LORD is good, and as a result the cycle increases of TEACH ME, THANKFULNESS, TASTING AND SEEING… AND DECLARING “The LORD is GOOD and DOES GOOD” –At times we do not have a taste for Him and 1 Peter 2:1 lists sin as a deterrent to a healthy spiritual appetite for His WORD! Just as a child when sick loses their appetite so we can lose our appetite for His Word which spiritually nourishes and feeds us. As food is to the physical body God’s Word is spiritual food to our soul! But we lose appetite for Him and His Word when we do not deal with known sin. At times we allow other things, pursuits to dampen our Appetite and we end up dissatisfied and empty because in reality we have been pursuing empty goals and “gods” that were never meant to satisfy us… because they are NOT HIM!God’s Goodness is meant to have an influence, impact on our lives!

  • Is His Goodness motivating you to be TEACHABLE increasing THANKFULNESS in your life and a Desire to TASTE more and more of Him?
  • Is His Goodness having an Influence on my life in these three areas? In your life? It can be…
  • ASK HIM and He will help you and me also!

Prayer,“LORD You are good and do good and I know this from Your Word and personal experience. TEACH me your Word that I may follow You and develop in me a Heart that is TEACHABLE, THANKFUL for You and Your goodness and develop within me a DESIRE for You as my greatest desire and pursuit to TASTE and see You are GOOD and Do Good and to TESTIFY that others too may know You better and love You more and Appreciate You are Good and Do Good!” –