“SURELY…” David knew with certainty, the inevitable downward spiral if left to his own insufficient resources,”… I would have despaired…” “…UNLESS” like the hinge on a door that ca be turned to fling wide open a door and stop it from being shut closed, there is this wonderful realization and rescuing and not not stopping the inevitable ” despair,” but how to get out of the emotional sinking sand of despondency, namely ” I believed to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the living.” Note the order ” I BELIEVED to SEE..” Belief before sight . We often like Doubting Thomas want to ” see” before we. ” believe” it is the opposite in God’s economy ! He believed to see ” … The GOODNESS of the LORD.. ” HIS FOCUS IS CHANGING ABD FIXED..” On the LORD’S GOODNESS!

1. – He is Good- ” oh give thanks to the LORD for He Is GOOD!” His character is good and he thinks on this aspect!
2.- THINK BACK – ” surely I WILL SING to the LORD Because He has been GOOD to me.”- ( Ps 13:6) remembering How good He has been to Him is a spring board to praise Him as fuel for his present. Go back to remember – how God has been good to you !
3.- ” Surely GOODNESS and mercy shall follow ( Pursue) me all the days of my life.”-( psalm 23). Again he looks back into his past assuredly, seeing there has been mercy for his sins and goodness for his steps and these two will as it were usher him all the way to deliver him to the. ” house of the LORD where I will dwell in the house of The Lord forever !” He goes back and remembers how Good God has been to him

If you find yourself in the place of the slough of despair there is hope for you! You need not stay there! His GOODNESS is key to get you out ! Choose to change your THINKING. Think on Him … His goodness reflects His nature. ASK Him for assistance to help you remember SPECIFIC INSTANCES He has shown His goodness to you, so you may SING from a heart of gratitude! Think assuredly as He has been He is and will be… GOOD!

4.- And as a result when we are under the control of the Holy Spirit one evidence is exhibiting GOODNESS to others ! You can be part of helping someone out of DESPAIR today by speaking and doing Deeds of GOODNESS TO others
He believed to see the goodness of the LORD, “… In the land of the living!” He is not waking for Heaven but in his lifetime in the here and now he looks forward in FAITH to the LORD to exhibit His character to him!

THINK – on the LORD’S Goodness
TRUST – ” believe to see…”
TRANSFORMED – From Stopping despair to Living by faith Focusing on the GOODNESS. Of the LORD in the land of the living!
THANK God there is hope for the psalmist and for you when tempted to Despair…

We can all have times when tempted to despair and it begins with a THOUGHT! BUT YOU NEED NOT YIELD, YOU NEED NOT GO DOWN THAT PATH THERE IS A GLORIOUS “UNLESS,” FOR YOU It is imperative to ARREST that thought, REPLACE it with THINKING ON HIM and in this case HIS GOODNESS. CHANGE YOUR FOCUS!

You NOW know HOW TO Stop the downward spiraling. And you can, out of His goodness help others HOW TO from despair to thinking right about The Lord and what to think of ! Thank God there is a blessed ” Unless” for you today and to extend this truth to others, equipped to help them! Speak the truth to yourself and others!

TODAY MEMORIZE, MEDITATE, PRAY, APPLY, SHARE… this verse…WRITE Out the verse place where u can see it, perhaps on your bathroom mirror or carry with you so you can see it and begin word by word, phrase by phrase, meditate upon and trust Him to transform your thinking and so the Holy Spirit can have TRUTH To bring to mind when tempted to YIELD to despair. KNOWING you have the POWER “In Christ,” not to head back into BONDAGE.It was for freedom Christ see you free NEVER Again to be en yoked to a bondage of slavery -{Gal 5:1}.

Hide this verse so the LORD can use you to aid and encourage others in their time of temptation to despair. Memorize it for …others sake!!

“Surely I would have despaired unless I believed to see the goodness of the LORD in the land of the Living.”- ( Ps 27:13)