Two realms we live in. The seen and unseen

The SEEN REALM I am in the valley of difficulty. No doubt!-( Read Psalm 23:4).

We live and experience different aspects of life as we go through it. David who was once a shepherd boy attending sheep, the youngest of his brothers was also chosen by God and was offended that God was dishonored, he slew the giant, was celebrated for a time, was the best friend of the king’s son, was a musician and played for the king, and yet the king turned against him. He was hunted down by a jealous king who desired to kill him. David knew what it was like to be afraid, and despair, he hid in a cave doubting did God care for him, or had He abandoned him. He knew great victories in battle, he knew the sorrows of sin against God and its devastating consequences. He knew the loss of a child, David knew and lived life with all its various aspects to his particular life from victories to valleys and back, and yet in Psalm 23 this man was chosen by God to be king, a mighty warrior, musician celebrated in song by thousands knew one thing as he reflected on life, he needed a “Shepherd” for he saw himself as a “sheep” in need of a Shepherd, and it would not be the “wisest” of people whom he could accumulate around him who would be sufficient, for this was bigger, much bigger… he needed the LORD GOD to Shpeherd him. He begins by comparing himself to a sheep, like those whom he had watched over, For he too knew the characteristics of sheep, left to themselves they could not care for themselves, they needed help, guidance, protection someone wise and caring enough to have their best interests at heart. Someone greater than themselves, and David concluded he needed God.

And so we see David begins with a right view of himself in comparing himself to a sheep, a vulnerable, needy sheep, and submits the control of his life to the LORD and could therefore say,” The LORD IS  My Shepherd, I shall not want.”-{Psalm 23:1}. True life begins when we see the LORD for who He is and who we are in light of Him. When we see our need and turn from all other “shepherd’s” be they ourselves or others or possessions, as the authority in our lives to the rejection and neglect of our Creator! As Isaiah 53:7 wrote, “We are like sheep without a sheep have gone astray…”-{Isaiah 53:6}.

But in turning from false shepherds’ and our SIN and instead submitting to the LORD to Shepherd us -then begins true living, not in the sense of “ease” perhaps but in the sense of fulfillment of the LORD’S design for us to know Him and follow Him as our FAITHFUL Shepherd who cares for us as Psalm 23 unfolds in his different ways. And this is possible through the Good Shepherd laying down His life for us.”…We all, like sheep, have gone astray,  each of us has turned to our own way; and the Lord has laid on Him the iniquity of us all.”-{Isaiah 53:6}.

So consider the Psalm and the Shepherd’s loving care;

Note that “sheep” are a personal possession and are valued, often bought for a great price. The Shepherd is such a beautiful picture David uses as he would know that the Shepherd who lives, and remains with the sheep is not an “absent” but a present tense Shepherd, and we see some of His care as revealed in the following verses.

Take for example the word “He” and trace in the Psalm by making a list of all “He” does and use it as a means to personally praise and thank Him often as you focus on Him and His characteristics and meditate upon who “He” is from the Psalm and what “He” does. His Person and Provisions from the word “He” in this psalm of confident trust in the LORD MY Shepherd you too can say and know!

Note David when describing the relationship to the LORD did not say “The LORD is A SHEPHERD…. the LORD IS A SHEPHERD TO THE MULTITUDES…” But “THE LORD IS…MY…SHEPHERD,” He was personal to him and his words of confident trust are further enforced by his words, “I shall not want!” Whatever he needed he knew the character of the Shepherd to supply all He needed. So he introduces us to his relationship with the PERSON of the Shepherd; it was PERSONAL and confident in His PROVISIONS for him whatever his circumstances as we see as the scene unfolds.. in the Psalm. The Shepherd PRIZES his sheep! Each one known by Him, cared for by Him,  You can learn to have confidence in the LORD who has chosen you as His dear sheep!

We live in the “SEEN” realm with all of life’s experiences from a baby to youth, young adult to an older person, should the LORD determine we live that long.

We equally live in…

The UNSEEN REALM – Though at times, indeed many times we tend to forget that as we tend to look just at life through our experiences rather than through the WORD of God and viewing life Through the lens of Scripture. Placing the Scriptures on our life and seeing things from the LORD’S Perspective, and this only happens as we renew our minds with the Scripture as Romans 12:1-2 teaches. When we come to the LORD we have a new standing with Him. Totally accepted forgiven, and brought into the family of God. and though our STANDING IS PERFECT– unchanging, everlastingly so-{Read Rom 5:2} it is our UNDERSTANDING that is IMPERFECT and that needs to be continually changed to align with God’s perspective, will, and ways for us! He has given us the power to change and the promises to encourage us- {Read 2 Peter 1:3-4}. And so we see we live not only in the SEEN Realm butHim and are the called-{Romans 8:28-29} also in the UNSEEN, and it is as we apply the WORD OF GOD we can know Him better and be of greater us to Him in the SEEN as we take His Word and apply it to our daily living and in doing so we live as lights in the darkness, and point others to the LORD, our Shepherd. For all without Christ are “sheep without a Shepherd”  guided by blind guides, shepherded by those who are not THE SHEPHERD and are living in confusion, lost in spiritual blindness, without hope or God in this world, and they too must hear of the LORD who can become their SHEPHERD.

And so we look at the FACT we not only LIVE IN THE SEEN REALM… WE ALSO LIVE IN THE UNSEEN REALM which is just as real and indeed more real as it is God’s realm of truth, where all is known to Him.

And so by faith, I can say,” Since I’ve come to Jesus, I’ve never been without Troubles, But I’ve never been alone in my troubles!

We together who have submitted to the LORD to Shepherd us do not always understand the answer to the question”Why” but we do know Him who is true and working “all things together for our good to those who love God and are the called” and the “Good” is to conform us to the image of Christ.-{Read Romans 8:28-29}

And so in both the SEEN and the UNSEEN REALM- we Learn to TRUST Him.


I am in the hands of the LORD my Shepherd being guided providentially by the unseen Hand of God “Through” all the valleys of difficulties towards the house of the LORD where I will live forever and ever! -(Read Psalm 23:6)

“We walk by faith and not by sight…”

God Bless,