1.- There is The Presence of EVIL. Evil is there in its various forms! But it is not to be bowed down to nor feared. David says “I will fear no evil…” David had determined, resolutely by his stand and statement of faith. He had nailed his color’s to the mast. He had placed a stake down, whatever about anyone else and their journey through the valley of various types he said “I WILL….” How often I live by my feelings, like a child “I don’t feel like….” “I feel like…” and I am tossed like a bobbing cork on the raging waves of the sea. Up and down, consistently- inconsistent! One minute trusting, the next minute doubting. Evil exists in the valley. The evil, to tempt us to doubt God’s character, promises, goodness, ability, care, love. The evil of the unseen fiery darts to the mind. The presence of evil in others.

2.– There Is The Presence of The SHEPHERD. Note David’s confidence because of the presence of the Shepherd.“I will fear No evil!” Note his determination, it is a settled conviction, maintained by faith,”I WILL fear NO evil.” The evil, irrespective of what form it presented itself would not master him. He would not bow down to it. His motivation was because of truth. He knew he was not alone but in the presence of evil was the One who was the Conquering, Protecting, Comforting, Companion Shepherd.”Your rod and staff, to comfort me.” How amazing, the rest of faith in The SHEPHERD. The realization He was not alone but the presence of the SHEPHERD COMFORTED HIM AS HE WALKED THROUGH THE VALLEY. “I WILL fear no evil, FOR YOU ARE WITH ME.” The Companionship of the Conquering Shepherd was his object of faith. His presence greater than evil. Himself the companion for the journey as he walked through the valley. His presence was the psalmist courage to say, “I WILL fear no evil, for YOU are with me.” “You ARE” He is PRESENTLY with him, in the valley! He never walks alone!

TWO TRUTHS for every valley, there is the presence of evil. There is the Presence of the Person of The Shepherd. Companionship of the Conquering Shepherd to COMFORT and enable you to walk Courageously through the valley! The psalmist acknowledges both, but focus’s on the Shepherd.”I shall not want.. HE makes me lie down.. HE leads me… HE Guides me… HE restores me… HE comforts me… HE prepares a feast for me… HIS goodness and mercy pursue me… I will dwell in HIS house all the day of my life.

Fear in the valley is acknowledged but not the pre-occupation of the mind… the Shepherd is…!

Courage comes from focusing not on the evil but on the Person, attributes and companionship of the Conquering, Comforting Shepherd! CHOOSE to CONCENTRATE your THINKING and meditating upon Him.

** Realize you have the power not to succumb to fear evil,”I WILL fear no evil” Why? Because the LORD your SHEPHERD the Conqueror of evil is with you to walk you through the valley!

Companionship and Courage from the Shepherd’s presence, strengthens you to walk through the valley. CELEBRATE HIM! Share of Him with others and what to known about their own valley…. There is the presence of evil, “BUT GOD…” there is the presence of the Shepherd!

They are not alone in their valley, and neither are you. He is WITH you, and He will walk you “Through” the valley, in His own way, at His time, at His pace, For His honor and your good! That’s Good news, for HE,THE SHEPHERD is… GOOD NEWS!