“O my people, trust in Him AT ALL TIMES.
Pour out your heart to Him,
for God is our refuge.”- {Psalm 62:8}

The alternative to trusting the Lord? Put your trust in people instead of Him, here is what He says about that, -“This is what the LORD says:

Cursed are those who put their trust in mere humans,

who rely on human strength

and turn their hearts away from the LORD.”-{Jeremiah 17:5 NLT}

What “Time” is It?
Whatever time it is, irrespective of the time… it’s always THE RIGHT AND THE BEST TIME  TO TRUST THE LORD!

Trust Him at All times, whatever comes up, the unexpected news, turn to Him and trust Him. The long-term trial, keep trusting Him. There is no time He is not to be trusted.

“Trust in Him at ALL times.”

  • Trust Him for hope when your heart feels down. – {Romans 15:13}.
  • Trust Him for Grace when it all seems too much – {2 Cor 12:9}.
  • Trust Him for strength for the journey you are in. – {Eph 3;13,16,21}
  • Trust Him for the reminder you have power for life and Godliness – {2 Pet 1:3}.
  • Trust Him to remind you to exercise faith in His Promises – {2 Pet 1:4}.
  • Trust Him that your circumstances can work out for the furtherance of The Gospel-{Phil 1:12-14}
  • Trust Him to rest in His truth that nothing can separate you from His Love-{Rom 8:38-39}
  • Trust Him you are who He says you are– more than a conqueror-{Rom 8;37}
  • Trust Him for grace to trust Him and pour out all of your heart before Him. – {Prov 3:5-6}
  • Trust Him to comfort and strengthen you when you are lonely.

Trust Him because He is trustworthy. Immerse yourself in His Word trusting the Holy Spirit whom the LORD Jesus gifted to you “…will guide you into all truth…”-{John 16:13}. Ask Him …”Open my eyes that I may see wonderful things in your law.”-{Psalm 119:18}

There is nothing too big, small, irrelevant. He wants you to turn ALL things over to Him. {Read 1 Peter 5:7; Psalm 55:22}. He loves to hear from you. He is attentive to your prayers -{Read 1 Peter 3;12}. What is the alternative? Carry the cares ourselves and end up with anxieties, fears, and a heart that is troubled!

The Psalmist encourages others, and us…“Trust Him…at all times…Pour out our heart to Him… He is our Refuge….” A “Refuge” was a place of security and safety. The psalmist shares that his “refuge,” was not found in a place but in a Person- GOD!

What “Time” is It?
Whatever time it is, irrespective of the time… it’s always THE RIGHT AND THE BEST TIME to trust THE LORD!