When it is hardest to pray, you need to know and remind yourself of that  your praying is an act of faith and faith PLEASES Him-{Read Heb 11:6}. The word “please” comes from two Greek words that mean “well-pleased.” The word means ” to give pleasure or satisfaction.” The word means to behave in a manner that causes another to be pleased. God is well pleased and derives satisfaction when you speak to Him and entirely exclusively rely on Him, by faith! Think on that! What your praying in dependence upon Him mean… to Him!
Faith is the currency of heaven! Faith pleases and causes Him pleasure and He says “…According to your faith let it be done to you”-{Matthew 11:29}. And it must be according to His will {Read 1 John 5:14-15}.
Just as you go to the store to receive something you deal in what is mutually acceptable for the transaction to take place… money… so in God’s economy faith is what is the acceptable transaction to  give and receive in exchange from God.
Prayer is a command {Read 1 Thes 5:18}; Therefore as you choose to obey, Know that your Praying is an act of LOVE from you to Him -{Read John 14:21}.
Pray on even if you can  barely raise your voice and pray something as simple as, “Help LORD,” which is a wonderful act of dependence upon Him as you are turning and asking Him to help… it is an act of love on your part as you are choosing to obey His command, though you may not “feel” like it. The fact you are doing so, shows love for Him and faith in Him. Good job… keep praying!
Remember when you pray you are…
1. PLEASING HIM- Expressing dependence and faith in Him. And faith pleases Him-{Heb 11:6}
2 .LOVING HIM- Obeying His command to pray is expressing Love to Him-{{John 14:21}
HOW WOULD YOU LIKE TO Please and express love to Him from the “hard place?”…. PRAY !!
Based on the above verses… these are TWO reasons why you pray. Speak the truth to yourself, share with others, what His Word says!
“Lord I THANK YOU that in these hard circumstances I am in,  based on Your Word, I know I can please and express love to you through admitting and exercising my dependence upon you by faith and speak to You. Thank you for your WORD which gives me light and understanding, so I pray not because of how I “feel,” but by faith in what You say and because of Who You are! “
Be encouraged that in the hard place you face you can KNOW based on His Word, that you are Pleasing Him and Loving Him. Though there may be the temptation to quit praying you can honestly use these two verses to motivate and strengthen you in why you are praying, “LORD I don’t feel like praying I am weary but I do come to You because in doing so I know it is the loving thing to do and it pleases You! Thank You for Your Kindness and giving Your Word to guide and assure me.”
Tired, growing weary, exhausted? Pray Because you KNOW it pleases Him when you do so and because it is your way to express Love to Him, not for Him to accept you, but because He already does, at great cost to Him- the life of His Son!
Pray on and know…”But when you pray, go into your room, close the door and pray to your Father, who is unseen. Then your Father, who sees what is done in secret, will reward you.”- {Matt 6;7}
“For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and His ears ARE ATTENTIVE to their prayer… “-{1 Peter 3:12 }- He is attentively listening to you. You have His complete, undivided attention! Wow! Think on that! Such love for you He has!
PRAY ON… it might begin through weariness, fatigue, from a hard place, “Help LORD…”
and know as you do, He is pleased and knows you are doing so from love! He knows, He cares, He loves you. In the hard place, pray on!  
You are spiritually maturing as difficulties or feelings, that would scream, “what a waste, what is the point,” are not stopping you from honoring Him in “The Hard Place!
Good Job, He is lovingly listening 🙂🙂