“…By His divine power, God has given us everything we need for living a Godly life. We have received all of this by coming to know Him, the one who called us to Himself by means of His marvelous glory and excellence. “-{ 2Peter 1:3}.

“Life-“Zoe,”“It is used to designate the life which God gives to the believing sinner, a vital, animating, spiritual, ethical dynamic which transforms his inner being and as a result, his behavior.” {preceptaustn commentaries}

To Live a Godly life takes “Divine Power.” The good news God has “given us everything we need for living a Godly life.”  The order in the original Greek is first “everything He has granted.” In the context everything we need to grow spiritually has been provided. We lack nothing. We are “complete” In Christ “-{ Colossians 2:10} the word referring to the state of “no deficiency!” God is the source of this Divine power to live the Christian life. It is through the the full knowledge of God and Jesus Christ,the means by which this power produces this life of power and Godliness. ” Note that words derived from the stem duna— all have the basic meaning of “being able,” of “capacity” in virtue of an ability. Duna– is the root for English words like dynamic, dynamo, dynamite, etc. Dunamis is the word generally used by Paul of divine energy. Scripture uses dunamis to describe deeds that exhibit the ability to function powerfully (deeds of power, miracles, wonders) (eg, see Mt 11:202313:5458, etc)”-{preceptaustin}.

This is not merely theory for the believer to agree with but power to experience, Power to love, Power to forgive, power to change one’s thinking and behavior to conform in alignment with God’s will and desire as revealed in his Word!- {Read Rom 12:2-3}. It is Resurrected Power! “ Now to Him who is able to do immeasurably more than all we ask or imagine, according to His power that is at work within us, “- {Phil 3:10.}. It is a Power that works where? “…within us!” And the good news unlike when a storm hits and knocks out the power in a home, business, community, there is no “storm” in life can knock out the Divine Power, the Resurrected power, His Power that works “within… us!” Divine power produces change, the fruit of this power is… Godliness!  Paul gloried, delighted, rejoiced in the Power of Christ in his suffering {2 Cor 12:9!} Power to live with the painful “thorn.” The word was used to impale someone, to torture. He rejoices because in His weakness God’s power is unleashed!

A love and desire for God, His things and living in concordance. He empowers and our responsibility is to live in the knowledge and choose to walk in His ways. – {Read Col 2:6}.

If not being changed in Godliness then not experiencing Divine power!!

But you have been born again, you do have Divine power working IN you, you do have the power to live, loving God, loving others and power of being changed!  The word “life”{Zoe} is the opposite of death. God imparts spiritual life, vitality the ability to live a new life, supernatural life!

The word “GRANTED” emphasizes the generosity of the Giver. It carries the idea of the graciousness of the Giver. Not earned but generously, lavishly gifted! The believer has everything they need to live a reverential, obedient life of faith in their daily lives because God has provided the indwelling life and Power to do so!

All that you need in life, you have! Godliness- “true reverence  and in active obedience,” you have! Every spiritual resource you have to live to live it out.  It comes through the “true knowledge of Christ! It comes through knowing Him, in a personal relationship. Out of this gifted relationship of salvation  comes for the gift, granted, freely gifted , is all the power  you need to live out the life of the Christ follower!

You have been gifted, His Provision of Power to live with all the spiritual resources you need in times of temptation, trials, you lack nothing {Read Col 2:10}.

You have it all, you just need to learn what you have and live it out!

All you need you have this moment… TO LIVE OUT THE CHRISTIAN LIFE IN POWER- DIVINE POWER!