“…Now therefore, O God, strengthen my hands.”- {Nehemiah 6:9}

Nehemiah revealed the attacks of “fear and discouragement,” was that the “work might stop!” The goal was to get him to quit from seeking to be about God’s Work. He had identified with the suffering people in chapter one and two and stepped in to help, knowing that it could cost him his life for seeking the glory of God and the welfare of His people who were distressed and vulnerable. The walls of the city broken down. He realized that in the will of God there is conflict! It is to be expected! The easiest thing would have been to succumb and throw in the towel and QUIT! Then it all would have went away, all the pressures of those who opposed them he may even have gained their friendship. Remember Herod and Pilate, arch enemies, became friends when they had Jesus crucified!

Nehemiah had been a cup bearer, which was an esteemed and trusted position within the king’s company. He was not affected by what was happening in Jerusalem. He could have kept his distance but he didn’t, because God’s honor was at stake and God’s people were hurting. He identified and came alongside, encouraged them to rebuild the wall and when the temptation came through fear and discouragement to quit, he responded by PRAYING!

He turned to God and specifically in the temptation asked for STRENGTH. “Now therefore, O God, strengthen my hands.” He realizes what he needs is STRENGTH from GOD to enable him to fulfill his goal in doing the will of God!  Paul spoke of all abandoning him but the LORD stood with him and STRENGTHENED him to proclaim the message to enemies in difficult times. – {Read 2 Tim 4:16-17}. Both Nehemiah and Paul teach us, difficult times are to be expected in the will of God and opposition is normal, but in it He is faithful. And in it we can turn to the CREATOR and SAVIOR and ask Him to give what we need to fulfill His goal for us in doing the will of God. Nehemiah was not self- sufficient nor was Paul, they were both dependent upon God to give them strength to do the will of God. Strength to endure. Strength to work amidst hostile  environment, people. Strength to pursue God’s business, work and message! Strength to follow the LORD when others seek to mock and dishearten from doing so.

When fear and temptation come, turn to the LORD and pray and specifically ask of Him what only He can give to enable you to do His Will. Strength. How wonderful Isaiah knew this, “He gives STRENGTH for the weary” {Isaiah 40:31}. The word “weary,” speaks of “emotional and spiritual exhaustion.” God’s strength is limitless. It is available to you to a do the next thing before you, be it His work when others seek to inject fear, discouragement to quit, Whether it is to deliver His message amidst hostile circumstances. His strength is made perfect in weakness, Paul would know and glory in. If we never were opposed, weak, we would never know Him like we do and can do and know His strength to enable us.

While the evil foe and those he uses to seek to get us to quit do not realize God is working it for good to build us up in our faith in dependence and receiving strength from Him to do His Will. When the children of ISRAEL were forced to labor and make more bricks under the brutality of Pharaoh’s regime, God was using it to build an army. They were being strengthened. Tempted? Time to pray and learn more about God as you receive from Him what you need to be about His business! What the enemy is using as evil, God is using to reveal Himself to you and through you. At times we need physical strength and also spiritually strengthened inwardly.-{Eph 3:13-14}. He has the ability, heart to effortlessly strengthen you from His endless reservoir!

Your time of temptation is a time of revelation to Know Him better and experience His resources! Time to pray and see Him!