“Looking unto Jesus…“-Hebrews 12:2. Lit means” looking off,” looking away from all other objects to one, and only one specific object and that is the PERSON of Jesus. Look at His incarnation, Look at His death, Look at His burial, Look at His resurrection, Look at His ascension, Look at His supremacy, Look at His empathy, Look at His Power, Look at His compassion, Look at His coming again. It is not a glance, but a contemplation, a fixed gaze. Christ who is your life…

Looking away from all else to Jesus and to see all of life through the lens of His Word.

Look at His Word and seek to know Him, “And beginning with Moses and the prophets He revealed Himself in ALL The Scriptures”-Luke 24:27. Look for Jesus in the Scriptures and trust Him to reveal Himself through them.

Make Jesus Christ your master pursuit. Looking away from all else to the One and Only Jesus Christ.