“Looking away to Jesus” is a choice!

I choose not to look at circumstances and live as though they are the final authority, but at the Christ who is above and Lord of all the circumstances who IS THE FINAL AUTHORITY…. there is Hope to be found at looking away to Jesus .

Too often I, we,- wait and “hope” wishful thinking more like it- that circumstances which are difficult or unpleasant will change, when it is our FOCUS- our TRUST must rest in Him who is unchangeable must change… and that is- a- choice. A choice of faith to obey His command to Keep Looking away to Jesus!{Hebrews 12:2}.

If you “look” to circumstances that are difficult they have the tendency to crush, demoralize and sap you of energy and hope. For you “Look” for Hope outside of Christ.

If you Keep focusing on the Person, Promises of God… Looking away to Jesus… there is comfort, hope, amidst the difficulties to be found in Him.

Where you look will determine whether circumstances or Christ is your Focus! There is life, encouragement, empathy, strength to go on in Looking away continually to Jesus! Choose to Continually.. Look away to Jesus.