“Looking away to Jesus...” because there is no other One to look to in times of trouble!

“Looking away to Jesus…” and not at circumstances but to Him who Is above the circumstances and is Lord of All the circumstances!

George Mueller of Bristol England was at one time traveling by ship in the early days of transportation between the countries, from England to Canada and was told due to  the density of a fog they would not arrive in time for him to travel on to his speaking engagements.

Mueller along with the captain went down to his cabin and prayed a simple prayer appealing to the Lord. When he and the captain went back up on board the deck of the ship, to the captain’s amazement the fog was gone!

Mueller said to him,

“My eye was not on the density of the fog but on the Living God.”

In the circumstances you find yourself in, look away and keep looking away to Him who is Sovereign LORD. He is LORD of all. He is On His Throne.{Isaiah 6:1-3} He is LORD over the circumstances!

Look Away Continually To Jesus!