“Looking: Unto Jesus”- But How?

Jesus said in Luke 24:27, “…and beginning with Moses and all the prophets He explained to them what was said in ALL the Scriptures concerning HIMSELF.” “If you search for Me you will find Me… He is a re-warder of those who diligently seek HIM.” Look for Him in- His- Word-… begin to read the book of Hebrews… chapter 1 gives us a brief but brilliant snippet of His “credentials”, His CV… it tells us who He is , for example “He upholds all things by the power of His Word.” He is in control of the universes, the smallest to the greatest speck of dust, flower to the galaxies all are upheld by Him, the worlds would disintegrate, stars would fall, if it were not for Him.

The moon and sun would no longer hold their place if it were not for Him.

The Bible teaches, “… the wind comes forth from His treasuries”- On a warm summer day, at times the gentle breeze that comes across your face as a cooling is His tender work, the gentleness navigated by Him, The rain which falls and snow also, every drop and flake falling where He designs, ….


Throw your cares upon Him for nothing is too small or Big…that He cannot or does not care about. He is intimately acquainted with all your grief’s, sadness, gladness…look away from the ‘what if’s…the could have been…should have been…if only’s – to JESUS

Look for Him in His Word today…

TRAIN your Mind to THINK on the TRUTH about Jesus….TALK to Him… TRUST HIM and you will find REST IN ….HIM {See Matthew 11:28-30}…..

Read Hebrews chapter 1 and make a note of each and every reference to Him and come up with a Character reference…. and bow in wonder at Jesus! This is one way you can practically learn to “Look away… and keep looking away in faith to Jesus”- in your circumstances to Him whose power, Kingship reigns over All!  The same One whose Power upholds all things, His Power raised Him from the dead, His same Power created you, has sustained you,  The Power of the cross and resurrection and by His Spirit convicted you and rescued you and transferred you from the kingdom of darkness to His kingdom. His Power is unending. His cross is powerful. His Love for you knows no end.

Look for Him today in His Word- Consider Jesus in Hebrews chapter 1 and may His Word fuel your faith to look, and continue looking away to Jesus the author and perfector of your faith!

** – Read Hebrews chapter 1 and make note of the characteristics of Jesus mentioned…Think on Him…. Look away to Jesus and in doing so allow His Word to reveal Him to you and encourage and strengthen your faith in Him!