Tenaciously stand firm in the TRUTH about who you are “in Christ,’ the privileges, power, spiritual position, and on the promises of God! STAND FIRM IN THE TRUTH! “Stand Firm In The Lord.”– {Read Phil 4:1}.  To “stand firm,” is the key verb in v 1-9. It is a command to Continually persevere and remain firm in their faith In The LORD! It is speaking of SPIRITUAL STABILITY!  He goes on to show what it means in order to be spiritually stabilized, Right relationships, Right praying, Right Thinking, Right Doing… among several of the truths that are necessary to be spiritually stable in your Christian living! In context it is to “stand firm,”

We can also see that to be steadfast and choosing not to yield to persecution, compromise or temptation to splintered relationships, complain, to sin.  Spiritually stability is necessary as we face The three enemies they faced as do all believers; The world system seeks to tempt and seduce, the flesh is weak, the devil, like a roaring lion seeks to devour, kill steal, destroy! They are to  be vigilant and continue being steadfast in the Lord! Deriving all from Him, Power, Purpose and intimacy with identification in Him who is our life – Col 3:4! “Stand Firm,” is a command and continuous!

Spiritual ability and stability is found “In The Lord.”

Some truths from the book of Philippians…

  • Stand Firm- that your citizenship is in Heaven- 3:20-21
  • Stand Firm – that Jesus is returning again – 3:30-21
    Stand Firm – that to be with Jesus is “far better” – chapter 1:23
  • Stand Firm- ” do nothing out of selfishness or vain conceit but in humility of mind REGARD others as more important than yourself”- you have His indwelling power to choose so!- 2:3-5,12-13
  • Stand Firm- you can do all things through Christ who infuses you with strength! 4:13
  • Stand Firm- rejoice continually in the LORD and who He is, resurrected, reigning One!-4:1
  • Stand Firm- God will supply all of your needs according to His glorious riches in Christ! -4:19
  • Stand Firm- In Pursuit of Christ- 3:10
  •  Stand Firm- In Pursuit Of Christ-likeness – 14
  • Keep on standing firm – in your position of grace and peace.-1:1-2
  • Keep on – advancing the Gospel in your circumstances – through praying, evangelizing, encouraging God’s people to keep on speaking the Word of God boldly without fear. Be a Godly influence through the power of the Risen Lord Jesus to use your present circumstances to further His Gospel! – 1:12-14

Stand Firm- in the sacrificial love of the Lord Jesus for you that ALL Of your sins have been nailed to the cross never again to be held against you!

Stand Firm- you are a new creation “in Christ,” with new standing as a child of God with new power to continually say “yes” to Him and  Divine power and magnificent promises to strengthen, assure you, comfort you, assist you today in your walk with God ( 2 Peter 1:3-4)

Keep standing firm! REST IN WHO GOD has made you and The Spiritual RESOURCES He has given you, “IN CHRIST.”