In a changing world, and changing bodies, it seems nothing ever remains the same….But…”Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.”-{Heb13:8} – Past, Present, Future. Jesus Christ, IS THE SAME…”
He Is Consistent,
He Is Unchanging,
He Is Sufficient.

What He Was Yesterday He Is Today, He is Forever! …Jesus Christ! “THE SAME”- Consistent In His Character should produce,
* Confidence in Him,
* Contentment in and With Him and
* Celebration to Him who is unchanging!

The Good News For You Today Is “Jesus Christ IS {Present Tense}” THE SAME…” .His Grace, His power, Guidance, Rest, His contentment is always at the believers – YOUR- disposal to strengthen, satisfy, sustain YOU! Himself the Reservoir of Provision that is Permanent. There is NO Drought in the Reservoir of God’s Promises!.
He who once interceded still intercedes. and forever intercedes. He is Praying for YOU today!

Memorize this verse. Meditate upon Him, and this verse, word by word…phrase by phrase, and “faith comes by hearing the word of Christ.” As food in the natural realm when partaken is Sustenance, Satisfaction, Strengthening to the body so His Word when received and applied is to our soul. He Is our Security, Sustenance, Satisfaction, Strengthening To Our Soul…Jesus Christ IS …THE SAME…! Stop Striving, Stressing, worrying INSTEAD CHOOSE To REST IN HIM, His Person, His promise!

* Contemplate And Celebrate Him!
* Be Confident And Content In Him this day… you have reason to be!

* What Great Reason To Reach out and SHARE Concerning Him to… OTHERS~