“…Draw near with confidence to the Throne of Grace to RECEIVE….HELP in time of need.”- Heb 4:16

“HELP.” – The word picture is beautiful it is of one who upon hearing a CRY for help comes Running to Assist, Aid, Help. He not only has the power to help, but has the heart– the gracious heart to help! He is for you! He wants you to know Him. He calls you to come to Him, confidently because of the work of His Son, in your time of need. Such is the gracious heart of Him who sits upon the Throne who hears your CRY for help when it is made to Him. This is the assurance we find at the Throne of Grace!

Note His readiness; His response to the “cry.” He hears, amidst all the unadulterated worship and admiration from myriads untold, yet God listens to the cry of the needy one and bids them come to receive from Him in their time of need! How amazing is He! What hope, what graciousness, what a God we have. You should find great comfort in this passage in your time of “need.” God is not far off, indifferent or preoccupied but upon His Throne He is actively, intimately, graciously involved. Comfort and Companionship are found in Him at His “Throne of Grace…in time of need.”

Think on How He has supplied His Son, our Great High Priest who intercedes for us and Empathizes- feels the very feelings we feel- in our weakness’s and temptations as v 15 speaks of and bids us draw near in confidence , expectantly that we will receive – not- rejection- but “Help” in our time of need at His Throne. He has written it to encourage us to draw near. Think of How He has helped you in times past when you cried out to Him. Thank Him for His graciousness and coming to your aid. Trust Him by Coming now to His Throne and receive from Him grace, mercy to help in your time of need. You will find He is more than able and His heart is one of love and full of grace towards you.

We have much to be Thankful to Him for, and may He occupy our thinking more and more and may we learn to look to Him and encourage others to likewise and draw near to receive HELP in time of need, from our Gracious God.