“… clothe yourselves with humility toward one another, for God is opposed to the proud, but gives grace to the humble. Therefore humble yourselves under the mighty hand of God, that He may exalt you at the proper time, casting all your anxiety on Him, because He cares for you.”-{1 Peter 5:5-7}


In the midst of suffering, slander, anxiety Peter begins to show the first step in combating anxiety and not being overwhelmed, when he says “Humble yourselves” and He gives FOUR Motivations for doing so…

  1. GOD IS OPPOSED TO THE PROUD –  The word “Opposed” means
  3. GOD WILL USE HIS MIGHTY POWER TO LIFT YOU UP – GOD IS IN COMPLETE CONTROL – “…Under the Mighty Hand of God.”                                                                                                                                                                                                               Which speaks of His Power and Presence. There is no situation, slander, suffering, anxious thought that these dear believers whom Peter writes to that was not known to God or under His control, COMPLETE control, and it cannot hinder His will from being worked out. God is always in control and though there may be times we don’t understand we know that He promises all things will work out for good to those who love Him, and you love Him!- {Read- Rom 8:28}. For all things are under His complete control, as they were in Job’s trials, the three Hebrew youths in the furnace, Joseph when he was sold into slavery and thrown in jail…The CROSS!!… God was working it all for good and His Honor and others benefit. And this same God who loves you, has saved you if you have repented towards God and placed your faith in the LORD Jesus Christ, you can trust Him and know God is in Complete Control and as He promises in His time will lift you up. His timing may be in this life or the life to come with Him! He is in complete control of time, deliverance, He sits upon His Throne and all power and authority are His…including your circumstances!… and He will use His Mighty Power to lift you up… “He exalts you at the proper time. “
  4. GOD WILL USE HIS MIGHTY POWER TO CARE FOR THE HUMBLE- GOD CARES FOR YOU! -“… He cares for you.”                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                   God will use His Mighty Power to Care for you. The way the word “Care,” is written grammatically is beautiful. It says He presently cares for you. He personally cares for you, and this is persistent, continuous, unbreakable! In the midst of changing times, changing bodies, changing seasons of life, we can count on His constant care of affection, compassion, and faithful concern and care for us! In the midst of the people whom Peter was writing to who were suffering, slandered and with that came anxiety. He writes to tell them how to handle it and the first thing is to “Humble yourselves under the Mighty Hand of God and He will exalt you at the proper time! “

God will use His Mighty power to oppose the proud. God will use His Mighty Power to impart Grace. God will use His Mighty Power to exalt the Humble. God will use His Mighty Power to care for the Humble, so you need not yield to anxiety!

When we doubt His care, we doubt that He is in Complete Control, and we struggle with humility, trusting Him, and pride is often our response, trying to take matters into our own hands because we doubt Him! And pride is a breathing ground for anxiety. And God is opposed to the proud!  We have a relationship problem, we have a thinking problem, we have a trusting problem…we have a Pride problem! So what do we do? What does the passage say? We “humble ourselves…” confess our sin, tell Him we are struggling and ask Him to help us… and He will…

For,“God gives Grace to the humble.” And you have just expressed humility by turning to Him. Good Job!

Focus on knowing Him better…and trusting Him to remind you of His Word,… truth about Him and how He met people in their difficulties in the Scriptures and you know by experience how He has met you…Let the Spirit of God meet you in His Word and teach you and remind you… humbling ourselves before Him to teach us, change us and meet us for those testing times and times of anxiety.., and He will, For “God gives grace to the… Humble!”


Memorize, Meditate on 1 Peter 5:6-7 this week… so you can apply to your life and share to encourage others…

Four truths for you to Contemplate, Know and Appropriate …in times of anxiety.

  4. GOD PASSIONATELY, PRESENTLY, PERMANENTLY CARES FOR YOU! Therefore place yourself under His care and control in your circumstances and keep serving Him and others-. As Paul said, “Ourselves your servants, for Jesus sake!”-{2 Cor 4:5}

God blesses the Humble! – That’s you! –