“My eye is not on the density of the fog, but on the Living GOD!”

The story is told of George Mueller, famous for his taking care of thousands of orphans in his lifetime looking to the LORD to provide for their every need. One time Mueller was traveling to Canada by ship when a dense fog overtook the ship. The captain went downstairs with Mueller and told him they would not make the landing time they had hoped as the fog had slowed their journey down as they tried to carefully navigate. Mueller prayed a simple prayer asking God if it so pleased Him to remove the fog so he could arrive in Canada on time and not miss his speaking engagement. When they both went back up on deck, to the astonishment of the captain the fog had dispersed! Mueller said to him, “my eye was not on the density of the fog but on the Living God.”  The follower of Christ can rejoice in the Lord in the trial as He knows the Lord is the LORD of the trial! They understand this and can submit to Him in following His way to handle trials and ask with confidence God will lovingly, lavish wisdom upon them when they ask in faith and not doubt! “Fog’s” are but opportunities to call us to pray and look to God to do what only He can. The “fog” for Mueller was a trial not just for himself but that another could witness to the input and reality of the Living God. Sometimes your trials are for others’ benefit. The three young Hebrews who were thrown into the fire, the king looks in and sees FOUR!! He saw another- and their trial was for their benefit to know He can deliver but also for the benefit of another to see the LORD in the midst of their trials. Your trials are at times opportunities for others to see Jesus Christ in them, through your response! The three Hebrew youths were willing to die rather than defile themselves they knew and testified God could deliver them but if not they would not sin against him to save their own lives. In this case, He did deliver them not from the fire but in the fire He displayed Himself and brought them out without a smell of smoke on them! Their trial was His opportunity to TESTIFY of Himself to another who did not know Him who was watching. Your trial is not only for you, please remember, but for those who are watching, and believe me, people are watching! God entrusts you with the trial, be a good steward of it faithful to follow His open book test and in doing so honor Him.

What is in the heart comes out!