Job’s Statement of Faith; “….Though He slay me, yet I will trust in Him..” – {Job 13:15.}. He had suffered great pain, physical, emotional, heart wrenching loss, yet in spite of it he says God is Worthy to be trusted in spite of personal loss, pain.  Break down the statement…

“Though He slay ME,…”
“…I WILL …”
‘…TRUST …”

Worthy to be trusted in! – What a statement of faith when you consider the background of the one who said it… it is often in the fire of the furnace that statements of faith are honed, shaped and the darker the difficulty and as horrendous as seems the plight, these pearls of truth, anchors of faith come forth. Job unbeknown to him was on display to the unseen realm. God was putting him on display, “have you considered My servant Job…” satan – whose name means “Adversary- Opponent.” Opposed to God. Opposed to the servant of God. The word “devil,” means, “accuser…” he began to accuse Job and God- that Job was worshiping Him and following Him because of the blessings of God… and the story unfolds…

Job, was not only on display to the unseen realm but in the physical realm before his “friends,” – who made it so difficult for Job and lacked “compassion,” towards him. They found it easier to “ACCUSE…” and  behaved as his “OPPONENT’S.”  {Read Job 2:9-10; 6:14}.

His story was being played out in the Unseen Realm,

In the seen realm-before his wife and “friends,”  but also His story would have  far greater impact than he could ever have imagined. For it was also  been told, chronicled …for countless generations who would read his story… and find hope in God amidst their own testing’s.

Indeed, ALL of our “story’s,” are being played out before an Unseen Realm. And also, to those around us including some, “friends,”  or others who may hear…suffering saints such as Amy Carmichael, and countless others whose lives would be chronicled, messages preserved and God would use their writings for  blessing for future generations. None of these could know the impact they would have on future generations, as they went through their own fiery furnace. But in it they too learned by faith in a Faithful One, ” Though He slay me, YET I will Trust in Him.”  Like Job, Like those who have gone before us, they too have had their own accusers, opponents, some were “friends.”

We need to be sure of two things, we too will have opponents and accusations in the time of testing. Secondly, we need to make sure we are not one of those making the accusations and being an opponent, doing the work of the devil!

Over the centuries God has used ordinary boys and girls, women and men as testimonies before an unseen realm and in the seen realm, both in their time and for some He would choose to use for future generations. None of them were perfect, indeed all , like us, flawed, but all  having as we have a Perfect, Faithful One to look to in the furnace- and conclude- He is WORTHY to be trusted by ME! “Though He slay me, YET, I WILL Trust IN HIM!”

 Your story, your testing, dos not go un-noticed, in the Heavenly realm…sometimes it’s through tears, hurts of the emotional, physical, or spiritual realm, but hurts nevertheless where choices are made, that though things may not change, “…I will trust in Him,” because He is WORTHY!

“Though He slay me, Yet, I will Trust in Him,”

 It becomes more than a “cliche,” something “nice” to say when all is going well for you, but is a”statement of faith” in the storm,

 it is an ATTITUDE and ACT OF WORSHIP In the Storm!  For HE IS WORTHY!