“But this happened
that we might not rely on ourselves
but on God, who raises the dead. “-{2 Cor 1:9}

FAITH is Often Developed in the Furnace of Affliction.

Paul’s Perspective on the trials he and some others were going through INCLUDED the aspect of ” WEANING and LEANING”… to “RELY ON GOD.” God uses our trials for a purpose and sometimes it can be to wean us off self sufficiency to lean on God!

Look what Paul says, “But THIS HAPPENED THAT…” and then goes on to show “WHY?”…., ” that we might NOT rely on ourselves BUT on God…” who does what? “RAISES the DEAD!”

Can you raise the dead? Do you know anyone who can? No? So why continue to “RELY” on yourself when you have an alternative, namely GOD…”WHO RAISES THE DEAD!”

** We can read the verse, agree with it and yet we live differently, we live as though the verse says, “But this happened that we might RELY on Ourselves and NOT on God who raises the dead.” Re read… I have changed the wording to change the emphasis on who we are to trust in versus who not to by writing, “that we might RELY ON OURSELVES… AND NOT on God!” Think of it, that would be spiritually Insane and yet, yet… is that how we live? The choosing to Rely on myself and not on God when difficulties arise, falling back to “leaning to your own understanding” which God forbids in Proverbs 3:6!

The alternative to self reliance is reliance upon God! GOD is the alternative and sometimes it takes trials for us to see Clearly whom we are trusting and the need to shift our faith off self and unto GOD! And what is He able to do? “…RAISES THE DEAD!!!”

Paul says this is the purpose of the particular affliction, difficulty, trial, that they had encountered, to LEARN TO LEAN on God…, and His credential? He “RAISES THE DEAD! So it gets down to self’s IMPOTENCY verses God’s SUFFICIENCY and His RESURRECTION POWER…Trials, difficulties, can afford us the opportunity to see CLEARLY and ACT having God’s Perspective in our difficulties…WEANING and LEANING!

“…this happened that we might not rely on ourselves.”

“…but on God, who raises the dead. “-{2 Cor 1:9} “

A good verse to memorize and be able to speak to yourself and ask,“Am I RELYING on myself or Leaning On GOD?”
It is a Good Prayer, “LORD , Please keep me and show me if I am leaning on my self and not You, and please remind me when I am doing or tempted to do this, that I may recognize, reject it and replace it with TRUST in You! and RELY on You alone, who Raises the dead!

A Good prayer for others also, “LORD, Please keep {put their name in here} would not rely on them self but on You who raises the dead, in this difficulty.”


HOW? Recognize, Reject, Repent of self reliance and RELY UPON HIM and WHAT His Word reveals of Him who loves you!!

Sometimes Trials Help us to see clearly, discern and act wisely which is always to “Rely…on God who Raises the Dead!”

God uses trials to wean us off self-reliance and unto Himself- because He loves us!