It was not till Moses was at the Red Sea and obeyed Him that he experienced and would testify to “THE GOD WHO IS…” a Very present help in time of need. {Psalm 46:1}. Could God not have opened the Red Sea, so when they got there it was already opened? He could have but HE Chose not to. His time, His way, to reveal Himself.

It was in the fiery furnace that the three Hebrew youths testified to Him. He could deliver but if not they would not bow down and it was in the flames when someone else saw HIM. In times of Trouble, “the GOD who IS,” is revealing Himself and testifying to you and through you to others.

Daniel in the lion’s den. Could God not have kept him from being thrown in there. He could have but He chose not to. He was going to testify through his circumstances to the king Their allegiance to God landed them in the flames!

Hebrews 11 show us again and again of those who had experienced “THE GOD WHO IS,” a very Present help in time of trouble. Some had the dead raised and returned to them. Why did He not just keep them from dying? He chose to. He was displaying Himself to countless others, of the power of His deliverance. Others in that chapter He delivered, into His presence. Why? He chose to! He testified to others, that the “world was not worthy” of them. God IS… Present… God IS in Control… God IS all powerful… God IS dealing personally with His people. God IS… Testifying of Himself, to the individual and through the individuals.

Abraham looked at his body and that of Sarah, and it appeared the promise to have a child would not be fulfilled as they both were so old, “BUT GOD…” “THE GOD who IS…” keeps His Promises and fulfills them in His time, His Way. Abraham and Sarah, both had taken it into their own hands and tried to force the promise coming through and it ended up to the detriment of them and others.,. But in Romans 4 it says that Abraham had not wavered in unbelief after considering their later years, but grew in faith giving glory to God. He had come to the conclusion that “the God who IS,”… IS ABLE.. IS FAITHFUL… and He was not disappointed. The God who IS, Fulfills all His promises.

Where you are now, the pressures and troubles you find yourself in, The demonic whispers, “Where IS God…?” You can speak the truth to yourself, “GOD IS…” present and a very Present Help in time of need. Your “Red Sea” may be the beginning of a new TESTIMONY to “the GOD who IS!”

* He is working it all together for good.

* His delays DO not necessarily mean his denials!

* Don’t focus on the circumstances but the CHRIST who is LORD over All circumstances- Yours included!

* Like all of the above people mentioned…part of His seeming Delays… was that they ALL…,See Him Put Himself on Display

* …and that they Might know Him… Better!