” be content…so that we confidently say, “THE LORD IS MY HELPER, I WILL NOT BE AFRAID. WHAT WILL MAN DO TO ME?” – {Hebrews 13:5-6}

One way we build on contentment- {the word means, ‘enough,adequate, sufficient, Satisfied’} is to build on the promises of God and in verse 6, He gives a promise of HELP. HIS PERSONAL PROMISE OF HIS HELP AND FREEDOM FROM THE FEAR OF OTHERS.

“Paul was self-sufficient because he was Christ-dependent. The word “content,” therefore, in our Hebrew passage means more than “satisfied.” It refers to the ability of the Christian dependent upon the Holy Spirit, to be independent of outward circumstances.”-{Wuest}

“So that” – (hoste)  is a term of purpose or result. The result based on the PROMISE OF GOD in verse 5, that He will never, ever leave us! As a result we can have confidence, and courage to be content and grown confidence to this truth, promise we can rest in and build upon. This truth gives us confidence and courage to proclaim what follows.

“Confidently” – (tharrheo from tharsos = cheer, cheerful, courage – Ac 28:15) The word means to be of ‘good cheer’ or ‘to have confidence or certainty in a matter.’ How wonderful a Foundation He is! In the present context the writer is saying we continually (present tense) being full of courage, can act boldly in speaking, “We Say,…” in claiming the OT promise that The LORD, {Jehovah} is our Helper. 


“The LORD”- {Kurios}- “Master, Owner,” speaks of absolute authority, absolute owner, power, He is the Helper and in whom we rest our confidence in and derive courage from! We live under His authority, continually submitting to His authority as “LORD.” and find in Him the answer to our need.

“HELP”- The word “Help” used here, speaks of one who upon hearing a cry to give assistance, to aid, help. It describes The LORD (Jehovah in context) – who runs on hearing a cry to give assistance! What a picture! Psalm 121:1 says “My HELP comes from the LORD Maker of Heaven and earth!” He runs to assist me upon hearing my cry! Look how personal the verse is “The LORD …IS….MY…help.” It is PERSONAL… It is His PROMISE.. IT IS POWERFUL… He is worthy of PRAISE!

Living a Life of Satisfaction, contentment, is built on the Foundation of the Faithful One’ Promises! The Confidence based on the Certainty that He will never leave us,-{v5} therefore we “confidently say” cheerfully, courageously,- The LORD, Sovereign King, Master, Owner, All Powerful One is Permanently Present with me… He is MY HELP!

When the writer wrote to the Hebrews of living content, they were experiencing persecution, so it was not sitting by the beech in the sun sipping lemonade and not a cloud in the sky time but suffering!! They were suffering! He was saying in difficult circumstances they could know contentment not by waiting for a change in their circumstances but because of the ever present triumphant Christ who was present with them!

Build your life and contentment upon His promise to personally be your Helper.



and to be Your HELP!