Run the race set before you, looking away from all else to Jesus…”-{Heb 12:2} Look at the verse again, isn’t it interesting He says “run the race set before… YOU…”

We have a tailored race, each of us have to run, we have a lane to run in, we are not called to compare to another’s lane or to desire to be in another lane, but we have been placed in a lane as it is compared to a race and this is not always an easy lane as the word “Race” is where we get our English word “agonize” from! It speaks of focus, determination, concentration, undivided attention and giving all you can, commitment, deliberate attention. And the way we endure and get through it is by “looking away from all else,” the difficulties, temptations,…to JESUS!

And we are to run this race not by sight, what we see, feel, but by faith in our Faithful Savior, Resurrected LORD who has ascended to the Throne and is there as Sovereign King who empathizes and Intercedes for us… Think on Him,Trust Him, Relate all to Him and derive from Him the power to Run-{Read Phil 2:13, Phil 4:19}.