IN “THE HARD PLACE “-( Part 7)

The Hard Place is Brutally Hard for some, viciously Hard for others, heartbreakingly hard for others, crushingly hard for others. There are various variations of the pain in the Hard place “But God…” is near the brokenhearted -( Ps 34:18) and Heals the brokenhearted. -( Ps 147:3). He comforts the Crushed-(2 Cor1:3). He lifts the fallen. -( Ps 145:14). He restores -( Ps 23:3)…

He Cares for that which concerns us. -( 1 Peter 5:7). He is never indifferent to us even in The Hard Place! -(Matt 28:20). He never abandons us ( Read Hebrews 13:5) He is always FOR us( Rom 8:31) He CONTINUALLY LOVES us-( Rev 1:5-6) He has PERMANENTLY RELEASED us from our sins – ( Col 2:13-14)

He will work it ALL out for our good and His HONOR-( Rom 8:28-29)

Take your time, open your Bible and read the above scriptural references and allow the Holy Spirit to encourage your heart with His strengthening Word. And look beyond yourself to read with the purpose to also be able to help others in Their Hard Place. Perhaps cut and paste and put this devotional or the Scripture references in your Bible so as you can share with others to encourage them in their Hard Place of the God who will meet them, care for them, sustain them, mature them, empower them to Honor Him and lovingly care for others, “…For Jesus sake”-( 2 Cor 4:5) for HE is greater than The Hard Place, even your Hard Place… be Encourage