Dec 18 2021


I Had a bad fall this week, “But God…,” kept me from breaking anything. A few days later I Had a wonderful opportunity to share with three women at an office where I had to get paperwork …. I went into this small office. A woman at a desk and two behind plexiglass. I sat down and After some small talk I said “Do you know what I love about Christmas?” That got their attention. I continued,…

“When I was small it was about Santa and presents. When I got older it was about friendships parties and drinking. And then The LORD took me halfway around the world and showed me the problem in my life was my sin, not someone else’s, and turned me to Himself and saved me. And Christmas is now is about Jesus. Came, died, buried, raised again !” With that an older woman behind the glass punched the air and we had a wonderful conversation about the LORD in front of the other two ladies.

When I left the building as I was crossing the road to the car park looking for my car a woman passing by said “good morning” I returned with “ Good morning. Praise the LORD!”( I try to do that at times to see if it will open a conversation). She said,”I‘m a fellow believer.”I shared with her what I had shared with the three women and some testimony …. She shared how a few years ago she lost a son and yet first thing each morning she praises the LORD, even though it is hard as she is still in pain. But she starts each day praising Him and commuting the day to Him! I shared 2 Cor 1:3-4 with her on the God of all comfort… she asked if she could pray for me. She grabbed my hand prayed and began to cry … She shared how the passing of her son is so hard on her husband and daughter … she said that she was late to work but knew that the LORD wanted her to meet me. And she was so thankful to Him! We said our goodbyes. And my heart was filled. I looked at my watch and it was not even 9:15 am and He had given me several opportunities.

I have been in at times severe pain recently and most days in bed as a result. But the pain was going down and I decided when I woke that morning I would go to that office to get the paperwork I needed as I was afraid if I waited the pain may escalate and I wouldn’t be able to. As that’s how my pain goes … unpredictable.

This is the beauty of how the LORD is Directing our steps unknown to us until we look back and see…His Providence. Circumstancing our lives to at times criss-cross with another in order to meet a need and fulfill His purpose in it.

Here is a wonderful truth. Even in the HARD PLACE…God sends people across our paths and like this encounter to afford us opportunities and to mutually encourage one another … we see this principle in Romans 1:12; Philippians 1:12,14 and 2 Cor 7:6.. Read these passages.

THE HARD PLACE does not stop us from having OPPORTUNITES to SHARE or ENCOURAGE others. Sometimes they are the very means God uses to open up doors of opportunities!

I have prayed several times for this woman’s husband and daughter. That God would meet them in their pain and draw them with His comfort

Perhaps you