“For our momentary, light AFFLICTION is producing for us an ETERNAL WEIGHT of GLORY far beyond all comparison,”-( 2 Cor 4:17).

Paul does not make light of their troubles, for the word he uses,” affliction” was used of crushing, such as squeezing grapes to extract the juice. The word is used to speak of external crushing and also internal emotional and spiritual stress. It is no slight or light thing in and of itself. Only in comparison to …It is like having a weighing scales and on one side you place these “afflictions” and on the other side “the weight of eternal glory,” and these “afflictions,” crushing sorrows, sufferings, painful trials are not a light thing to the sufferer but are “momentary,” In comparison to a future ETERNAL glory that unlike “ afflictions” though they last a lifetime are unlike the “ETERNAL weight of glory.” While people throughout time have suffered “afflictions” of various types, intensities for the follower of Christ they are not without benefit for Paul tells the followers of Christ that the “afflictions,” have a beneficial end! He says they are “PRODUCING FOR US…” which is out of all proportion in comparison to the “afflictions,” though they are great – an “Eternal weight of glory!” The glory of being all that God would have us to be! This does not mean the follower of Christ never feels physical, emotional, or spiritual pain, for they do, but it does mean that is nor the end of their story though that pain, “affliction” last their whole life, for they have a life beyond this life, eternal life with God who is eternal and gifts such a life. They have a future to look forward to because of Whom they will spend that future- that Glorious future with!

So, in and of themselves, in this verse, we have the temporal versus the eternal….So, let us lift our eyes to some of the future promises of “eternal glory” that await us, such as…

1.- The Glory of – A New Resurrected Body.-(1 Cor 15:44)
2.- The Glory of – Being With the LORD Jesus-(John 17:24)
3.- The Glory of – Seeing the LORD Jesus -(1 John 3:2)
4.- The Glory of – Spending Forever in the Father’s House -(John 14:1-3)

The “afflictions,” crushings, great pressures, are not light in and of themselves but only for the follower of Christ because of the hope in Him we find! – This “Hope” is not how many of us view “hope” as a mere” wish, but no foundation, or as a last resort though having no confidence because there is no firm assurance to base the “hope” upon. More like a gambler’s hope….. but the “Hope” of Scripture is that confident expectation, assurance in the certainty of a future good that God is going to bring about! Our “Hope” is founded, grounded in a Person= God and His promises! It is an exclusive promise from God that even these “afflictions” are “PRODUCING…”

The word “Producing” -{Katergazomai} means to “work out fully and thoroughly, to accomplish or achieve an end.” God who “began a good work IN YOU, will complete it.”-{Phil 1:6}. God who initiated your salvation, not only sustains, and matures will also complete it. He will not give up halfway through on you but even these afflictions will not hinder or cause Him to halt, go back, give up, throw in the towel, for He is God, and He will use even these afflictions as severe, heartbreaking, and heart-aching as they may be for your and my temporal benefit -{Read Romans 5:3-5; James 1:2-4, 12}, He will PRODUCE, is PRODUCING… them to a given end and that end? Is Eternal… “…the weight of eternal glory!”

God is working even our “afflictions” for our eternal good, and it is a glorious hope, “A Blessed Hope,” to consider, think on, and look forward to “… the weight of eternal glory!”

So, we have to THINK on the Promise of Hope in 2 Cor 4:17 and TRUST the Spirit of God to make true to us what is true of us, that we are heading towards a Christ-filled future and this hope Will one day turn into sight when we see Him face to face to be with Him forever to behold His glory in the Father’s house in our new sinless, healthy resurrected bodies… a glorious future awaits you and me! These “afflictions” for the follower of Christ are not an end in themselves but are “producing”- working for us…. an eternal weight of Glory!

  • Even our “afflictions” cannot thwart God
  • God is working even our “afflictions” for our ultimate good
  • We have Hope.
  • Our Future Is Bright Because Our Future is Christ!

But also there is the responsibility to share with those who know not Him, that beyond the pain in this life there can be a weight of eternal glory that can await them as we share with them. That they need to acknowledge their sin, turn to God and Trust in His Son as LORD, Master to reign over them and Savior to save, rescue, deliver them from the Penalty and power of sin, the authority of satan, and delivered to the Family of God and the power to live a new life …and an “Eternal weight of Glory” to look forward to! –

  • In the Hard Place- KNOW YOUR HOPE- God and His Promises are YOUR HOPE!
  • Read, Re-read the verse, think on it word for word, phrase by phrase over the next few weeks, and use it as fuel to praise Him as you look at your difficulties, afflictions through the lens of Hi Word, not the world’s views
  • Be ready to share this “Good news” with another beliver. And be ready to share this potential Good news with someone who is lost-