“God makes a home for the lonely.”

 Loneliness, perhaps YOU ARE not there, but you can be God’s means of Help to the lonely, “God makes a home for the lonely.”– Psalm 68:6;


Some ways to encourage, comfort and build them up are…

1. – You can offer hospitality to those who need companionship. Do you know anyone who is single, or an elderly person who is “alone?” Can you open your HEART and offer your home and give them a warm welcome and make a place for them!

2. – You can offer empathy, by putting yourself in their place and owning it as your own. Identify with them. They are not a “project,” or a “ministry opportunity,” but a person whom Jesus Christ died for. Hebrews 4:15-16, says He “empathizes” which means He feels the very feelings they feel. He understands, He knows, they are not so alone that no one understands. The Lord knows. The Lord cares for them {1 Peter 1:5}, Let them read these verses and know, they  are not alone. Seek to encourage them with the Scriptures.

Perhaps they can listen to the Word if they feel too tired to read. Perhaps you could ask if you could read the Scriptures to them. Seek to encourage them with the Scriptures to use His Word to strengthen them in such times…to focus on Who they are “In Christ” what they have “In Christ” and to seek to reach out to serve others for Christ, realizing the “feelings of loneliness” do not negate the Fact- The LORD is NEAR!

They are never alone.{Heb 13:5}.

3. They have the strength to choose to Live by faith and NOT by feelings as the authority for how they and you live. Be in it with them. Not speaking down to them, but coming alongside to gently encourage them and reminding each other of His Word.{2 Cor 5:7}.

4. The Kingdom of God still needs to be spread. In the circumstances they find them self in they can as Paul, “my circumstances have worked out to advance the Gospel.” This Paul did from difficult circumstances while imprisoned and others had sought to harm him with impure motives in sharing the Gospel. Even then Paul chose to “rejoice,” because the Gospel was being advanced. In his circumstances he advanced the Gospel through evangelizing- v 13.and Encouraging God’s people to boldly share the Word.-14. {Phil 12-14}. He also had Prayed in {v-3-5,and 9-11}.

Focusing inward will thwart Seeking Him, His Kingdom. Don’t lose sight of Him,  your furthering His mission

Speak the truth to yourself

“The LORD is near!…” me – Phil 4:4

“The LORD listens…” to me – Psalm 34:6

“The LORD is for… ” me – Romans 8 :31

“The LORD LOVES…” me – Rev 1:5

“The LORD Cares for…” me- 1 Peter 5:7

“The LORD has Chosen me”- Eph 1:4

The LORD has COMMISSIONED Me to go, and as I am going in my daily living to – make disciples- Matt 18:19-20

When “feelings of loneliness” come to tempt you to despair, THINK ON HIM, HIS TRUTH, HIS CHARACTER, HIS PROMISES, TURN TO HIM AND TALK TO HIM…. BY FAITH “SING TO HIM”- HIS PRAISES.


Don’t wait till you “feel” better, for that is to allow your “feelings” to dictate to you. NO- You choose to allow truth to dictate to you- “THE LORD IS NEAR!”- You may feel alone but you are Never alone- The LORD is with you. “I will never leave or forsake you.” {Heb 13:5}

 “The LORD LOVES…” me – Rev 1:5

Cultivate His truth, it is possible to  “feel lonely” in a crowd, but realize you are never, ever alone. He is ALWAYS with you. {Heb 13:5}

Times of such “feelings” can be springboards not to meditate and spiral into ultimate despair but to be as a springboard into reminders to think on Him, talk to Him, listen to His Word. Thank Him. Speak the Truth to yourself- The LORD, the self existent, Covenant Keeping, unchanging, Provider, Sovereign, God {as each of these attributes is used to express attributes of the LORD, in Scripture.} – Jesus is LORD. He is always, permanently Near you. He is always attentively listening to you. The LORD is always for you, and nothing or no one can separate you from His love. For the LORD always, unconditionally loves you. The Gospel of John in particular John 15 gives us wonderful realities and truth to meditate upon and embrace- Rest in Jesus -John 15:4; Rest in Jesus Word- John 15:7 Rest in Jesus love- John 15:10

No matter who walks out of your life, He never will. He is love, and love is committed.{Read Hebrews 13:5.}

Don’t waste your sorrows, or loneliness- when such “feelings” come to you -Immediately look to reach out to Jesus and look to reach out to serve others.

Don’t turn inward and focus on your self. Turn away to Jesus,-Heb 12:2… and look out to seek to serve others, for JESUS SAKE- 2 Cor 4:5- Phil 2:3-5.

“Feelings of loneliness” are not new nor unique, but to continue to THINK on them will only lead to despair, withdrawal, isolation, self -pity and living as though the LORD is not Near. Think on Him, live in light He is Near, cultivate His nearness, engage with Him…now! “Feelings change, ” Truth is unchanging! Embrace the reality…”THE LORD IS NEAR!” Look up to Him, Look out to Serve others, for His sake!{2 Corinthians 4:5}