“For The LORD your God IS With You Wherever You Go.”-{Joshua 1:9}
Three times in Chapter one Joshua is told, “Be strong and Courageous,” he is about to go into the unknown for him but is told he is not alone. “for the LORD your God is with you, wherever you go!” How comforting that for every new venture he will enter, every second , minute, hour, day, week, year, is the assurance he is not alone, the LORD is with him! But who is “The LORD?”  Scripture shows us several aspects of “The LORD” as mentioned below…
The LORD who is… God – {Gen 2:4-5]
The LORD who is our… Provider – {Gen 22:8,14}
The LORD who is… Self existent, in need of nothing or no one outside of Himself – {Ex 3:13-15}
The LORD who is… Faithful and Keeps His Promises – {Deut 7:9}
The LORD who is… Unchanging – {Malachi 3:6}
The LORD who is… Sovereign King – {Isaiah 46:8-11}
 Knowing Him is the goal!
Thinking and rethinking on Him, His character, what is true of HIM AS “Fuel” for our worship of Him and faith, reliance in HIM IS PRIMARY. For If we don’t KNOW HIM for who He is as Scripture reveals, we will end up with a “god “of our own imaginations, like the people with the  “golden calf.” and proclaimed, – this is the Lord. It’s absurd. It’s idolatrous. It is taking His Name in vain, dishonoring Him! We need to THINK rightly about Him, to TRUST Him, so in times of crisis, difficulties and conflict, we may honor Him, so we have Him and TRUTH to  sustain, strengthen, govern, guide us and glorify Him!
“The LORD” – this One is with you,“wherever you go.” He made the promise to the disciples as he sent them out to seek and share the Gospel and make disciples, “…I will be with you until this end of the age”- He made the promise to those who were wobbling in their faith and suffering “I will never leave nor forsake you”- {Hebrews 13:5}
In the Conflict, His Companionship and Commitment is assured! ”The LORD your God… is with you wherever you go!” ” Rest And Rejoice In Him…
This Moment Stop and Give Him thanks… for His Word, for His Promise, For His Power, for His Presence, His Companionship… He is  Committed to you as He was to Joshua. It is not a matter of your “feeling” He is present or committed! It is not a matter of your performance or commitment, but His, is the resting place and confidence builder and assurance. God Himself has promised!
YOU like Joshua will always have The LORD’S Companionship amidst any crisis or conflict you encounter! He is not confined by time but is not only present but is waiting for every step you take into what we call the future! You are never alone. It has nothing to do with how you “feel,” but what He says! And He says, “For The LORD your God IS With You Wherever You Go.”
Remember the “LORD, Your God!”