I remember on cold winter nights as a child hearing something running back and forth above my bedroom ceiling, in the attic…It shouldn’t have been there, but it was, it was living in the attic! We needed to get it out of there. Same with attitudes, thoughts, that come to our mind and seek to live in what we will call, the Attic of our mind! We have to choose to Reject those thoughts seeking to control by Replacing with Truth and Meditating upon that to influence our decision making! Don’t allow the “rodent” of anxiety, bitterness, fears, despair, condemnation, unforgiveness, lovelessness, etc, free access, unchallenged, in the attic of your mind. Recognize you have the power in Christ of what you will choose to continually think on. You can’t stop thoughts coming to your mind but you can stop them from settling down and making their “home” upstairs in the Attic of your mind! That’s important to remember! Replace the thoughts with TRUTH from His Word and continue to Renew your thinking so the Spirit of God controls who lives in the Attic of your mind! And every time these rodents come to mind, Repeat- Recognize, Reject, Replace and keep Renewing your mind!

What thoughts are you entertaining, embracing in the Attic of your thinking? Check out those thoughts with the verse below which we are to gauge all thoughts and learn to train ourselves to think in a God honoring way…Take your thoughts and ask of it compared to each word emphasized with bold font below. Is this thought TRUE… is it Lovely.. etc… and soon you will be discerning and know what it is you are to have in the Attic of your thought life

“Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthythink about such things. “- {Phil 4:8}.

What Thoughts are you allowing to run around in the Attic of your mind?

The goal concerning the rodent running around in the attic of my home was not to adopt it, feed it, but to get rid of it as quickly as possible. Have you adopted and made a welcome place in your mind for certain thoughts about others, or things, or neglecting who He says you are “In Christ,” instead adopting condemnation, unbelief, critical attitudes, lies, such that are not loving or honorable, or praiseworthy? Are you feeding the thoughts in your Attic that dishonor Him, demean others, deteriorate your own faith? Time to RID the attic of such by RECOGNIZING, REJECTING and REPLACING them with Truth as based on Phil 4:8, and keep REPEATING and as you do your mind is being RENEWED!

Memorize, Meditate and Apply Phil 4:8 to your thinking so that when those rodents of thoughts try come back you can take them expose them to TRUTH and EXTERMINATE them!!

Don’t Pamper the Rodent thoughts or provide them room to live and dwell in your head!