Your THINKING… is the GATEWAY to hopelessness or Hope.

What you choose to continually THINK on determines your destination, hopelessness or Hope!

LET me ask you a question. Does the end of your THINKING leave you HOPELESS, agitated, anxious, fearful or with HOPE? When we are confronted by a circumstance and we do not include the LORD in All His wisdom, power commitment to us as His children and desiring our highest good for His glory in it, we will end up looking at the circumstance and concluding based on our own thinking, rejecting His Word and conclude the problem is insurmountable and therefore we are  doomed, It is hopeless as we look to our own resources. A bit like those in John 6;1-6 {Read these verses} who when Jesus spoke of feeding the multitudes looked at their own resourced and leaned to their own understanding, noting, that eight months wages would not be enough to feed the crowd! And then the second person notes there is a young lad who has a few fish and loaves and asks “but what is that to so many?”

They had Jesus with them in the circumstance. They had a history of seeing him meet in the past, but in their present predicament like us they excluded Him and leaned to their own understanding and concluded wrongly- nothing can be done! We know that when He took over, the multitude was fed and all were “satisfied” and there was enough left over for the disciples too! We exclude Him to our own peril. Often what we learn about in the circumstances is how low e think of Him and how we think of ourselves! We forget we too have a history of seeing him meet us, saving our soul, meeting our needs, forgiving our sin, being patient with us.

We can end up in despair and circumstances can overwhelm, one reason is our choice, and it is a choice of…unbelief!

Is there anything that can be done?

Note, how Jeremiah got from hopelessness to Hope and it began when he chose to Think on 4 aspects of the LORD.. in Lamentations 3:21-24…




4. The LORD, as his… PORTION

Choose to think on each one, meditating over and over keeping them before your mind, Can you think of verses or look up these verses on each word, love, mercies, faithfulness, portion, so as to help you have some truth to mediate upon concerning these attributes of Him He has shared from His Word. Then ask him to remind you of how He has demonstrated each of these in your own life….

And  as you consider the LORD and these 4 aspects, along with Jeremiah by God’s grace you to will be able to say.”This I RECALL to MY MIND, therefore I have HOPE…” As he thought on these 4 aspects of the LORD, “Hope” was Birthed. The word “Hope” means, “Confident Expectation” and speaks of Certainty…

What you chose to think on will determine your mental destination. – 🙂