“I say this to the glory of God and in utter humility that whenever I see myself before God and realize even something of what my blessed Lord has done for me, I am ready to forgive anybody anything.”- Martin Lloyd Jones

  Unforgiveness…can often be traced to a hurt unforgiven which spirals down to…anger…to…resentment…and a deep-seated root of bitterness…which spreads its ugliness and defiles others.

  •  Unforgiveness- hurt- anger – resentment – bitterness, is due to a lack of repentance.

  • Unforgiveness contaminates others…for bitterness cannot keep to itself….it seeks an audience.

  •  Unforgiveness is a choice.

  • It seeks to punish people.

  • It is vindictive.

  • It is evil.

  • It is without mercy,

  • It keeps and “cherishes” records of wrongs against.

  • It is devoid of love…

  • It robs of joy… and hides the heart of God, and grieves Him.

 It is only remedied by taking personal responsibility-

It is to say, “I alone am responsible for my responses not those of others. No one outside of myself can prohibit me from extending pardon, release and forgiveness but…me… Having been forgiven much and completely I can by the power of the Love of Jesus Christ for me… extend it to you. I am not denying the hurt you caused me but I am DENYING unforgiveness and every thought of its lovelessness to capture and control my thinking. I choose for Jesus sake{2 Cor 4:5} to extend pardon to you.”



Having been forgiven much I forgive for Jesus sake… There is a wonderful story in the Scripture in whom it is said of her,”She LOVED much because she was Forgiven much.” -Today choose to LOVE much BECAUSE whether you “feel” it or not you have been Forgiven much. How much? The murder and death of the LORD JESUS CHRIST. Forgiveness is expensive it COST Jesus Christ His life to forgive your sin and mine! His death alone sufficient to forgive ALL your sin and mine…. go ahead extend forgiveness and express love to Him and others….”I Release you from the offense…I choose to Honor the LORD JESUS MORE THAN THE HURT AND MYSELF. I CHOOSE GOD’S WAY BY FAITH!”

May you value the death of Jesus Christ of more value than clinging to unforgiven hurts as deep and painful they are and instead  REPENT OF YOUR OWN UNFORGIVENESS AND EXTEND PARDON TO THE OFFENDER… AND THE MOTIVATION?  “Just as God in Christ has forgiven you!”– Ephesians 4:28.


A refusal to forgive is to exalt yourself above God and take His place as the Most High. It is to trample underfoot and distain the cost of His Son on the cross to forgive you and for you to be enabled by a choice of your will to release and pardon the one who has sinned against you! 

Consider afresh the cross… read it, pray for understanding of it and bow before the Christ who hung there and the Father who sent Him to be executed for your sins… and the response  from you? He commands to “forgive just as God in Christ has forgiven you.” Are you obeying Him?


Write it on a 3 by 5 card and carry with you and when you have an opportunity look at it think on it word for word, phrase for phrase and APPLY out of reverence and thanksgivings to God for His forgiveness of you!do it for His sake-He is worth it.