” when my heart is overwhelmed lead me to the rock that is higher than I “- Psalm 61:2

The word ” overwhelmed,” literally means “covered in darkness.”

The psalmist cried out for help . He shows us in our own times who to call to in verse 1:5; God, Refuge, Tower, Rock, ” lead me to the rock…” It is lead me victoriously …”
Look at the descriptions he uses of what he knows… He cries out to
God is his REFUGE
God is his HIGH TOWER
God is his ROCK
God had the power, compassion to lift him out of his dark place he finds himself in

He shows us that the way out of being overwhelmed is to call on Him, know Him… He is taken up with the CHARACTER OF GOD.
At times I find myself down I try and THINK on Him… His character…of God.
He is…Almighty, Burden bearer. Compassionate. Deliverer. Encourager. Faithful Father. God. Helper. Intimately acquainted. Justifier. Kind King. Loving. Merciful, Near, Omnipotent, Perfect. Redeemer. Sovereign. Triumphant. Unchanging. Victorious. Wonderful.

When in a difficult place. A dark place. We must CHOOSE TO THINK…RIGHT… THINK on the Character of God. Often in our despair we have been THINKING wrongly about God… Thoughts fly at us.

We have to take them captive or they will take us captive…and lead us down a path of,” the what if’s,” the  “if only’s,” the failures of the past, the fears of the future . It seems the spiraling down is a free-fall and how do you stop it ? The Psalmist shows us we have to

  • CALL on GOD
  • THINK…On the TRUTH
  • THINK RIGHT… On the Character of God.
  • Change the FOCUS of your THINKING… From the problem to the Problem Solver!

Too often we say or THINK, “How will that help? What use is that?” We THINK that difficult circumstances and THINKING RIGHT about God have nothing in common. We THINK that is a nice,” Sunday school lesson,” but has no real bearing in the difficulties I find myself in and so we CONTINUE ON THINKING our OWN THOUGHTS, embracing the” fiery darts,” the evil one whispers in your ear, the ungodly, God opposite “wisdom,” of “well-meaning people,” Who like Job’s friends darken counsel by words without knowledge.


“Feelings,” battle us and if we allow “feelings” that are not in alignment with His Word to lead us we will end up in a wreck. Stress, fears all are “fiery darts.” For they All exclude God or relegate Him to be uncaring or impotent to Help! Wrong thinking leads to wrong feelings and wrong actions! 

If the words that seek to inject THOUGHTS, that do not align up with RIGHT THINKING about God, and offer you Godly Hope from His Word then you must chose not to EMBRACE them but REPLACE THEM WITH THE TRUTH OF GOD’S WORD.{Read Phil 4;8-9}.


THINKING RIGHT is imperative for right actions for the glory of God in your life, to aid others, and for your own health of mind.- {Matt 5:14; Phil 4:8-9}. Years later, Jesus said,” man shall NOT live by bread alone BUT by every Word that proceeds from the mouth of GOD.”- {Matthew 4:10}

Paul would write,”Let the WORD of Christ dwell in you richly … Whatever is true , lovely, praiseworthy …let your MIND DWELL THERE.” -Colossians  { Read 3:16; Philippians 4:8}

The Scriptures again and again tell us to THINK RIGHT. After our conversion we are told to RENEW OUR… MIND.- {Romans 12:2}

Our Thinking influences our Doing. ” As a man THINKS so he is.”-{Prov 23:7}

To THINK ungodly about God, His ways in your circumstances.

God help and strengthen you and me to continually CHOOSE TO THINK right about God, His Word in our circumstances!
Hide His Word in your heart
THINK on it ( see psalm 1:2;Joshua 1:8)



  1. WRITE OUT Philippians 4:8 on a 3 by 5 card. Place it where you can see it daily, perhaps on a mirror in a bathroom. Make an extra copy and carry with you. When you can read the 6 “Whatever’s” from the passage and use this verse as a grid, when a thought comes, is it a “True thought? Is it a lovely thought? If not… then do not EMBRACE it  so as  to dwell on it,but REPLACE it with Truth. God’s Word is truth- {Read John 17:17} ; God’s Son is Truth. -{ Read John 14:6}. Think on the Scriptures, Think on the Son! {Read Psalm 1:2}. As you hide the Word in your heart, The Holy Spirit can bring back to remembrance in the moment of need!
  2. PRAY that God will remind you to THINK THROUGH TRUTH!
  3. PRACTICE the TRUTH– Philippians 4:9 {This could be your next verse to memorize for you next week}. NOTE THE ORDER- v 8 RIGHT THINKING ON TRUTH… v 9 PRACTICE THE TRUTH. Feelings are not the Master . God is, His Word is the influence to what we do! The “Feelings” will fall in line.
  4. Share This Verse with someone else. See if you can find a partner to Memorize this verse with. Encourage each other to think through the truth. When a thought comes, ask “Do I know this to be true?” If not you cannot let your mind dwell there?

Pray for me and others to do THINK on the TRUTH and to PRACTICE THE TRUTH!

The Ultimate motivation ? “ Whoever has my commands and keeps them is the one who loves me. “-{John 14:21}