THIS Mind….”-{Phil 2:3-5}

Some of us have cynical mind’s, some of us have critical mind’s, some of us have anxious mind’s, some of us have depressing minds, some of us have proud minds, others have self-righteous mind’s, “But God,” wants us to have “THIS Mind…IN you.”… “Let THIS mind be IN you that was also IN Christ Jesus”-{Phil 2:5} “THIS Mind…” that does “…Nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, BUT with HUMILITY OF MIND regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others.”– {v3-4} “THIS Mind” is what He wants us to have, develop and continually so.

When God rescues, delivers, saves us, we change from the “Kingdom of darkness into the Kingdom of His Beloved Son.”{Read Col 1:13}. We have a new standing with God, we “stand in grace,” in the eternal favor of God. -{Read Rom 5:2}. Our salvation is secure and sure {Read 1 Peter 1:5}. So positionally we are secure, but PRACTICALLY we need to be changed, conformed into the image of Christ, and it begins with our MIND. Our Example is the LORD Jesus, “He humbled Himself by becoming obedient to the point of death, even death on a cross.”{Phil 2:8.} But we need more than Example, we need POWER to think and live it out. And He has provided this too, “For God is working IN you, giving you the desire and the POWER to do what pleases Him.”-{2:13}.

“THIS Mind” is different, it is the Divine Mind He wants us to have and be developing namely valuing others above ourselves, preferring them, and not merely looking out for our own interests but also the interests of others. “Looking”… has to do with thinking continually towards something as the goal, and that is the BENEFIT, VALUING, RESPECT AND PROVISION OF OTHERS AS “THIS Mind.”

If  “THIS Mind…” is not yours at the moment, STOP, ASK HIM to help develop it in you. You need INFORMATION for the Holy Spirit to teach, which is provided for in His Word to remind you to implement and that is the verses 2:3-5. Read, re- read and memorize, meditate upon, Apply it to your life. Maybe write the verse out and place on your bathroom mirror as you know you will go there to brush your teeth a few times a day and as you brush, read, or place in an area or several areas you will be so you can see it and the mind has to go somewhere and we need to have our mind changing constantly and “THIS MIND” comes through hearing it, submitting to it and doing it…

Place the verses in prominent places for you to see, re read and before you know it, parts of the verse will begin to stick and before long you will have it hid in your heart, and the HOLY SPIRIT CAN REMIND YOU when a situation arises before you how to express “THIS MIND…” THE MIND OF CHRIST that was “IN” Him and now wants to be “IN” You!

You will be challenged in this areatempted to revert back to self centered and egotistical thinking to influence your choices but you are “a new creature in Christ,” a new capacity to obey GOD, because of God who works IN you giving you the DESIRE and POWER for…His Good pleasure, which speaks of enjoyment, satisfaction. God enjoys you, and working IN you. He is on your side, and you can develop “THIS Mind…” beginning now. “THIS MIND…” is “THE MIND OF CHRIST…” “THIS Mind…” is a mind that expresses loving actions, preferring, valuing others above yourselves and intently looking at people not with suspicion, cynicism, criticism, or to use for selfish gain, but with a Mind that is looking – how can I CHOOSE TO PREFER THEM AND PROVIDE FOR THEM! “THIS Mind…” is God’s design, desire for us, not for a moment but grammatically is is a command that is continuous… Continuously have “THIS MIND” …IN you that was also IN Christ Jesus.”

HOW IS YOUR MIND? RECOGNIZE self- centered and vain glory, arrogant thinking and REJECT It by REPLACING it with “THIS MIND…” It will be a battle against SELF, the world’s system and the evil one. But thank God HE HAS WON the victory and empowers you {2:12-13} to work it out empowered by Him who finds enjoyment in you and working through you…”THIS Mind….” Live out “THIS MIND…” Today…. and others will be encouraged, elevated and provided for. Jesus had “This Mind…” one of PURPOSELY seeking to benefit others, through sacrificially serving them, motivated by love for the Father…Do likewise…. Go into your day looking to prefer and provide for others, you have the POWER to do so!

God is telling you how to THINK

God has made PROVISION for you To THINK- Because of the new birth

God Gives you the POWER to THINK- with “THIS MIND IN you as was also IN Christ Jesus”

PRACTICE “THIS MIND…” LIVE IT OUT… The LORD Jesus Christ… Is Worth It!