“In this, you greatly rejoice, even though now for a little while, if necessary, you have been distressed by various trials,” -{1 Peter1:6}



Distress’s are temporal They have a Time Limit. They are not permanent or eternal! They are for “A little while.” Trials though “various” of many types, lengths, severity, are temporal, not permanent, or eternal. They are for “A little while.”

Peter makes it very clear that suffering causes “distress.” The word means “grieved,” “heaviness,” or “tearfully sorrowful.” It speaks of mental anguish, not necessarily physical suffering. “Distresses” the word means to be “tearfully sorrowful, mental anguish” obviously shows the pain involved but the GOD News is it is temporal, not permanent or eternal.

Peter calls them to take the LONG VIEW, the true view… and “In This” knowledge, understanding that these events are not permanent they can “Greatly Rejoice” because of whom they know and what they know, THAT it is for “a little while! Remind yourself as difficult, hard, painful circumstances you may encounter, it is for “A Little While” only! And this knowledge is a reason to GREATLY REJOICE!” Literally means “LEAP FOR JOY,”… LEAPING WITH JOY…

It is a chapter, a season in your life, it is not your whole or finished story. For your story ends ultimately … with HIM!

You can rejoice “In This…”…

1 You have reasons to Praise Him {v3-5}.

2. Be able to share this truth with others who are suffering, distressed that their most difficult, distressful trials are not their end ‘In Christ,” but Himself and to be with Him forever is.

3. In troubling times think on truth and the insight you have and motivation that “In this, you greatly rejoice” you have a glorious future “In Christ.”