For I long to see you that I may impart some spiritual gift to STRENGTHEN you – Romans 1:11

Paul shares with us God’s desire in writing the great doctrines of the book of Romans, is that the believers be SPIRITUAL STABLE. This is what the word, “strengthened ” or “established,” means in verse 11.  The word is also used in Rom 16;25. It is one of my prayers for one of my children I have prayed for them as they walk with the King. That they Lord would spiritually stabilized them so that they are strengthened and established in the Lord. Paul said the means to doing so was the imparting of some spiritual gift to do so. His longing to be with them was for their benefit. Their spiritual stability. His purpose was like a laser, he knew what he wanted for them and he sought to do so. He was up front with them in his desire and goal. He teaches us to THINK. To Think about the welfare of others. And using the gifts God gives you in the strengthening, establishing of God’s people in their faith!

Part of that “Spiritual Stability” is developed through PRAYER. Paul prayed for them to this end. His desire in coming to them was to this end.Prayer was not a pastime to Paul but a life line. He prayed for the people. He sought to come to the people. He sought to stabilize the people in the Word that they may be strengthened, established in their faith through the imparting of a spiritual gift. Objective Truth is what God uses by His Spirit to stabilize His people. Where they are on solid foundation, not to and from by every wind of false teaching. Acknowledging, receiving, embracing and submitting to God’s Word and the power of the Holy Spirit. In verse 7-11, Paul speaks of the means to STABILIZE all believers. They need to know who they are by God’s doing. This is part of stabilizing them in the truth,


Paul uses these three beautiful Titles of Whom God says they were and whom YOU ARE! Too often we can feel like crud, base our acceptance with God on our “performance,” we compare ourselves to others or listen to the accuser of the brethren and his vile accusations RATHER THAN LISTENING TO GOD!

We live our lives based on “feelings,’ if we “feel” saved then we are. It was MARTIN Luther who wrote, ”Feelings come and feelings go, and feelings are deceiving, my trust is in the Written Word, nought else is worth believing.” God wants to STABILIZE us so we are no longer deceived into thinking other than what He declares is true of us in His Son, as found in His Word. We must stabilize our lives on the Word of truth. Listen to God-Receive-Embrace His three words for you from this passage…



  • Believers are loved with an everlasting love – {Jer 31:3;}
  • It is an “Intense, “love which is what the word “great” speaks of in{Eph 2: 4},
  • This love for you will never cease nor can you ever be separated or severed from it -{ Rom 8:29-30.} For it originates from God, maintained by God and is eternally so -concerning you.
  • Rev 1:5-6. His love for you is everlasting, intensely personal, present tense- His is a continuous love.”
  • God proved His love for you,”But God Demonstrated{Proved} His love for us in while we were yet sinners, Christ died for us.”- {Romans 5:8-9}
  • You can never, ever be separated or severed from Him or His love for you!- {Read  Romans 8:35-39}


Set apart by God, for God and His service. It is not a work of merit but a blessing conveyed by God through the work of The Lord Jesus. The word “saints,” means “set apart.” Like in the Old Testament, we see there were certain people and objects , “Set apart,” and “consecrated,” for the service of God- (Lev 21:6-7; Ex 19:6) It is the idea in the New Testament applied to Christians who are “set apart for God and His service.” A saint is one whose sin has been blotted out through the work of the Lord Jesus and set apart for Him and His service, wherever they are, whatever they do! It is a declaration by God! You are a “Saint” in standing before God-!!!!


God has called them by the work of the Holy Spirit from spiritual darkness and freed by the work of The Lord Jesus are the CALLED ONES. Called OUT from spiritual death into relationship with Himself as a result of His great mercy (1 Peter 1:3.) It is a Sovereign work of God’s gracious mercy to undeserving people so that they who boast in The Lord. Indeed it should not produce spiritual pride but should produce a profound sense of awe and gratitude to God for His amazing grace.

Who are you from God’s Perspective? You are…


These truths are given for you to be SPIRITUALLY STABILIZED in your faith. To be Spiritually Strengthened, established in your faith.

Receive His Word and Embrace His Truth to you. THINK on these words..

  • THANK God for these Blessings bestowed upon you.
  • TALK the truth to yourself.
  • TELL others of these Three TRUTHS that never change about you- or hem if they are His , that together you may be be stabilized in your faith. Building your life on the Words of Jesus Christ, no longer tossed to and fro by feelings but by faith in the God who is!

You are who God says you are- THE BELOVED OF GOD; SAINTS; CALLED. These are FACTS. They have nothing to do with your “performance,” how you “feel,” what others say about you. But only what God declares about you matters and you are who is calls you.! Three titles- what titles God calls you by! Live in light of the truth of God’s Word