Your Mind is a gift from God and it is the “pilot” on the plane, the “captain” on the ship, in influence and decision making. So as you “fuel” your mind, so shapes your character and choices, Though our standing with God is perfect, changeless, our understanding needs to be changing so we can align with Him in how we should think, viewing Him and life. One way we do this is to “set, fix” feed, train our thinking, our Mind to focus “…on things above.”

How can we do this? Fill Your MIND With His Word. To know what things are like “Above” you have to go to His Word to find out. As your MIND is being Renewed and Influenced in the shaping of your THINKING you can MEDITATE, and this is how you can “Set your MIND on things above.” God hasn’t left us to our own understanding, imagination to inform us of who He is, what He is like, what His will is. He has given us His Word- to govern and guide us and the Holy Spirit to teach us and enlighten us.- {Read John 17:17;John 16:13}.
Here are FOUR REASONS Why you and I need to RENEW our Mind;
1. LOVE GOD; Do you remember what is the ULTIMATE purpose of your Mind? “Love the LORD your God with all your…mind.” –{Luke 10:27}. So, that you THINK accurately about God is imperative lest you and I think of Him other than He is! Where will we find out what He is like, what He THINKS, what are His desires, will? In His Word. So, His Word is where we go to Know God and so we can align our thinking up with His so we may LOVE Him Accurately, As Scripture Reveals Him.
2. SHAPING OUR CHARACTER; And So we have to THINK on Truth-{Phil 4:8} and so it can shape us and influence our character and choices, so we DO RIGHT- Changes us!-{Read Phil 4:9}. His Word is…True-{John 17:17}
3. SPIRITUALLY STRENGTHENS; God uses His Word to “feed” us and Strengthen and Mature us spiritually, and to neglect it is to suffer spiritual malnutrition and be “weak.”- { Read 1 Peter 2:1-2; Heb 5:13-14}
4. CHRIST CENTERED; We can THINK on Things Above as we discover what His Word says and as the rest of Colossians 3:2 says we are to set our mind on things above where Christ is seated… and “not on things on this earth.” In other words, don’t be earth centered but Heaven and Christ centered.
Your THINKING is important for it informs you of the Choices TO MAKE AND SHAPES YOUR CHARACTER.
What you and I “feed” our Mind with will shape us! God has not left us to our own imagination to Govern and Guide us but has Given us His Word, so we can understand life, eternal truths from His perspective. We are told, commanded “…do not lean to your own understanding.”-{Prov 3:5-6}, and how can we do that if we have no One or Nothing to Guide us to do otherwise.
How can we know the LORD and not be as those who created a god in their own image and declare as those who experienced Him deliver them, and say, this is the god who delivered us from Egypt? Only as His Word is our Guide and influences us otherwise we too create a “god of our own imagination,” making decisions based on false data.
Could you imagine NASA saying data doesn’t matter, let’s just send a rocket into space and see how it goes, and then they ask you to get on board for the trip! Crazy! How crazy is it that we try interpret life apart from TRUTH to Given and Guide us. Left to ourselves we will come to wrong conclusions and miss the Target God has for us in understanding, responding appropriately and not to mention be spiritually malnourished and be spiritually weak, due to our light attitude towards God’s Word which in reality is disrespectful attitude towards The God whose Word it is!
Your THINKING is Important for it informs you how to LOVE God. Your THINKING is important for it Informs you of the things above and in particular from this verse “Where Christ Is Seated at the right hand of God.” He is there in Ultimate authority, as your Advocate, Intercessor, Help, Great High Priest. Be Christ Centered in your thinking so it influences your view of this life. Align your MIND up with His and this you will do so, as the HOLY SPIRIT Helps you and now as you have His Word in your heart and as you read it can direct your thinking and align it with His MIND….THINK on Truth so you can THINK RIGHTLY about God and His perspective and be influenced by what you think and DO RIGHT from His PERSPECTIVE. Think Right so you can be CHRIST CENTERED and not earth controlled!
It is important how we Think and His Word is what helps us to Think in a way to help us Love God, Influence our thinking , character, choices, to be Christ centered and not earth bound and controlled!
Take a verse such as Colossians 3:2 and read, reread several times a day for the next week to hide in your heart and for the Holy Spirit to be able to recall to your mind to shape your thinking to align with His thinking to view life, priorities, pursuits from the LORD’s perspective and not this world’s claims and calls for you to pursue its goals.
“Be transformed by the Renewing of your MIND…Let the WORD of Christ dwell in you richly,..”-{Rom 12:2; Col 3:16}
“Set your Mind on Things Above…” Feed Your Mind with HIS WORD in order to have your mind transformed and transfixed on Him and His view of life so you can can aid Others and Honor Him..