“Forgetting what lies behind,” {Phil 3:13.} The word “forgetting,” means “cease to be affected” by it. It  is to “willfully neglect.” We often remember what we should forget. It is a command “forgetting, “it is present tense, in other words it is to be a continuous attitude and action of living the Christian life. The fact it is commanded means you have the capacity to do so. In order to press ahead and purse Him, means we first have to adopt and maintain this habit. It doesn’t mean you have amnesia and forget, for the evil one will throw your past before you, sometimes others will, but you choose to replace this thought and cease to be affected by your past through remembering what He wants you remember which we often forget, namely,” …and do not forget His benefits.”{Psalm 103:2.}. His benefits of His blessings, pardon for all your sin, healed the diseases of the sin sick soul, redeemed you from the slave market of sin, it’s ruling power and consequences and pit of sin and satan to newness  life. A new standing. Crowned you with lovingkindness and strengthens you.  Isn’t it true, we often major and remember the things we need to forget, and forget the things we need to remember! How do we change? Submit to Him and choose to place His Word in your mind, memorize, meditate and choose to THINK on verses such as Psalm 103:2. Think, mediate on His benefits and when your past, failures, success seek to dominate your thinking , replace it with what He tells you not to forge, “do not forget His benefits.”

How do you know if you are remembering what you should be cease to be affected by versus forgetting what you should remember? What do you THINK on in times of pressure? What do you allow influence you presently, Past failures, success, or His Word? You choose to think on what you choose to think on. You have the command, power to change and remember what HE wants you remember and forget what He wants you to cease to be affected, dominated by which distracts, derails, disheartens you from living joyfully in the present! True, Paul did say, “sorrowful, yet always rejoicing.” His supernatural joy in the midst of sorrows He imparts. It does not mean we are not without sorrow, for He said, “In this world you will have troubles, but be of good cheer I have overcome …” To look to Him presently, and the blessings, benefits from His coming, cross, resurrection and the future look of hope realized in His presence!

Count your many blessings name them one by one, count your many blessings see what God has done! In order to count them you have to read them, recall them and choose to renew your mind with His Word. You can. When “feelings” would scream at you through unwanted circumstances choose to stay your mind on Him for there He promises perfect peace. “You will keep in perfect peace all who trust in you, all whose thoughts are fixed on you! -{Isaiah 26:3-NLT}. THINK- TRUST…. TALK to yourself His truth and His promise of peace is yours! There is a promise to cling to and rest in, another truth to REMEMBER which we often forget! You choose what you will remember! He will use HIS Spirit to help and strengthen you to!

Remember what God wants you to remember, forget what God wants you to forget, which comes by choosing to THINK and remember what God wants you to remember. Cease to allow yourself to be affected influenced by your past. Replace the thoughts with Truth!

Cease to Be affected by your past, choose to be influenced by His Benefits!

THINK, THINK on His Person and promises!