“If you love Me, you will keep My commandments..” – {John 14:15, 21}. Since prayer is commanded in Scripture, and in complying to that command it then becomes an expression of love to Him, even such words when perplexed, “Help LORD,” as that is an attitude of faith which pleases Him -{Heb 11:6} and the act of prayer is an act of Love. 

SPEAK TO YOURSELF, “Why pray? What’s the use?” because in doing so I can express love to God and fulfil the first and greatest commandment which is to LOVE the LORD your God with all your heart, MIND ” – “Teacher, which commandment is the greatest in the Law?” Jesus declared, “‘Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind.’ This is the first and greatest commandment.…{Matt 22:36-38}. 

NOTE; it says LOVE HIM with your….MIND. SO WE must THINK RIGHT…. and TO LOVE HIM… WE MUST THINK ON TRUTH… and THEN we can Know what to DO… and so we THINK… PRAYER is a fulfilment of one of His commands and in turn is then an expression of DOING HIS revealed will and….therefore when we pray, and doubts would pound or seek to mock or tempt us to despair and quit, we can speak to ourselves, “WHY are you praying?” Answer yourself “I pray ultimately as it is a way for me to express LOVE TO GOD.”

A HIGHER MOTIVATION; Have you ever realized that your praying can be  an active expression of loving your God? Probably not. But you can pray as an expression of love to Him! God is glorified through revealing Himself in answered prayers{John 15:7} but our goal is often answered prayers for our sake if we are honest as our true motivation, but here is a higher motivation…. praying because it is an expression of my LOVE FOR HIM! And you can do it anywhere. You can even love God on a sick bed, in a difficult situation, there is no place you are cut off from access to Him through the LORD Jesus, and you can, though no one see you be LOVING GOD!! How exhilarating. THOUGH NO ONE SEE YOU, HE DOES!

HIS LOVE FOR YOU; You Don’t pray that He may love you, for He already does so and that not based on your performance but the perfect performance of His Son on your behalf to satisfy the Laws demands. God loves you and gave His Son for you. {John 3:16; 1 John 3:16}.He loved you before you knew Him and drew you with His cords of love.His is an everlasting love towards you. {Jer 31:2-3}. It is an unbreakable love.{Rom 8:31-34.}. It is an intense love of perfection that never loses its intensity for you.{Eph 2:4-5}. The cross demonstrates it.{Rom 5:6-9}. The Resurrection solidifies His sacrifices acceptance on your behalf. God loves you.”The life I now live I live by faith in the Son of God loved me and gave Himself up for me .”-{Gal 2:20}. We pray by faith expressing gratitude to Him who first loved us and permanetly loves us. We dont love Him that He may be accepted, but we are “…accepted in the Beloved.” -{Eph 1:6}. We are permantly accepted and loved “In Christ.” Ours is a full and total deliverence into the deep deep love of God and nothing or noone can seperapre or sever us from His love for us. We study His character in His WORD, We pray for the Holy Spirit to help us understand and He in us produces a desire to do His will, not out of terror but thanksgiving to Him who loves us!  Like Paul our living by faith which includes praying by faith is from  a HIGHER MOTIVATION for praying is His Love for us which in turn liberated us from the power and penelty of sin for all eternity and in gratitude we pray by faith as an expression of our febel love for Him whose love for us is flawless!

PRAY ON….you Are Loving Him and fulfilling what He says is the first and greatest command! Love God and PRAY ON:)

I Pray God strengthen you to Pray on, knowing YOU ARE expressing Love to Him as you do.

Be Encouraged, you can pray as an act of appreciation and love for Him, not to be accepted but because youa re accepted by Him based on the perfect performance of the LORD Jesus Christ on your behalf! Now that is great news!

Pray on…:)