Paul’s Thorn- Why Did He Have It?- {2 Corinthians 12:7}


Lots of times people will ask.”What do you think it was?” Guessing “what was it?” and giving what they think it is and missing the point being “What was God’s purpose in it?” The answer is in 2 Cor 12:7.

“Because of the greatness of the revelations, FOR THIS REASON, to keep me from EXALTING MYSELF, there was Given me a THORN in the flesh….to KEEP me from EXALTING MYSELF.”

Note the phrase used twice, “to keep me from EXALTING MYSELF.” v7

The “thorn,” was not for punishment
but for prevention!

It was to help him not to succumb to pride! God had a specific purpose with the “Thorn” which included a means of prevention from pride!

Now you know …. as revealed in His Word! – Now you do not have to enter into “what was it?” But you can share from His Word “Why'” Paul says it was “given” to him!