“Tribulations” when used in Scripture mostly mean “pressure, difficulties without,…hardships… and…emotional stress! “ It seems “nonsense” to say anything good could come out of this but read Rom 5:3-4 and what God “produces”…” brings about,” from it, namely, “… perseverance, proven character, hope that does not disappoint!”

Look at what Romans 5:3 says “We also exult in our tribulations, knowing…” we EXULT “- {present tense, means the habit of the life.} The word means Boast, Glory...” joyful confidence.” There is a triumphant response because of the insight given, he says “knowing”{The word means “to be fully aware”}, God has made it clear what He is doing and going to do with these tribulations, troubles, and so we are not ignorant but informed at what God is “producing”...”brings about” in “tribulations.” Thank God we are not ignorant but Informed!

Troubles in God’s hands equals TRANSFORMATION. God changing people and TESTIFYING To His work in and through them of Himself by what He is PRODUCING! The “fruit” He produces in that person’s life! God is working.

PLEASE NOTE, in this passage, he does not speak about God DELIVERING you FROM tribulations, there is no guarantee or promise to do so, but He does ASSURE you God is using them to DEVELOP you spiritually, they are of spiritual benefit to the follower of Christ. All those in the world understand and experience “tribulations” of different kinds, and are of no spiritual or eternal value, but not so the follower of Christ, for based on these Scriptures we KNOW are fully aware of God’s objective in them. They are not useless but useful! Painful? Yes, but Divinely Purposeful! GOD IS WORKING OUT HIS PURPOSES FOR…YOU….THROUGH THEM! And His Purposes are ultimately…GOOD!

“Tribulations produce, perseverance, proven character, hope that does not disappoint {or put us to shame} because the love of God has been poured out into our hearts by the Holy Spirit who has been given to us .”-{Rom 5:3-5}.

As difficult, and painful as tribulations are, He uses the Pressure to Produce “Pearls” of spiritual growth for the Christian! God uses “pressure” to Progress us in our faith, develop our character and display Hope amidst hurt, and produces a Godly testimony!

Troubles in God’s care produce TRANSFORMATION and TESTIMONY!

Tribulations Make SENSE when we view “pressure” from His perspective!

From His perspective, they make sense out of what seems nonsense when we view it from His Word! Too often we take our own perspective, and unrenewed thinking and place on the circumstances and like Job’s friends come up with the wrong answer and conclusion. We need to submit our thinking, and feelings, to His Word and allow His Word to guide and govern us to think along with His view on tribulations and we will come up with His revealed answer and exult in what we know to be true as He has said! And that which seems “nonsense” to say any “good” can come out of these sufferings, pressures, stresses, and tribulations, will make “sense” to us because we are thinking, having our mind renewed according to His Word, to see things from Heaven’s view, and say what God says and ONLY what GOD says to ourselves and when speaking to others and offer them the HOPE God offers in these verses as they understand BEFORE they go through or for those who are GOING through “Tribulations.”

Underline Romans 5:3-4 in your Bible and be able to encourage yourself as you look at the verses and also be able to show someone in the midst of troubles, what God will bring forth…” PRODUCE…” from their troubles, difficulties, sufferings…and “Exult,” glory, boast, you have a reason for “joyful confidence” because of what you “know” from Romans 5:3-4!

Be encouraged, you are NOT Ignorant But Informed of what God is producing in your tribulation, and sufferings,…Transformation! You can Glory, Boast, and be joyfully confident because YOU DO KNOW what God is Doing, what He will “produce” in your tribulations, based on Romans 5:3-4!


He will “cause all things to work together for good,…” for that is His promise -{Read Rom 8:28}. And part of that “ALL THINGS working together for good,” is firstly INFORMING YOU of what He is “producing” and that you be “fully aware.” How do we know? He has revealed it in His Word, for you and me to know in Romans 5:3-5! He is informing you what He will do with your tribulations. You are not in the dark, as to what He is desiring to do, what His purpose is, how He will work it out for good, and what is beneficial to your spiritual development and His honor! Consider Joseph, who had suffered at the hands of others, but note his spiritual insight, and maturity as he saw things from God’s perspective, “As for you, you meant evil against me, but God meant it for good, to bring it about that many people should be kept alive, as they are today.”-{Genesis 50:20}. No matter who is against you or what is against you, God who is in charge as Joseph declared and is Good, is FOR YOU -{Read Rom 8:31} and will work it out for “good!”


He purposely will bring about CHANGE. He will use troubles, pressures, tribulations, and sufferings, as a means to change you and me and produce character change, namely “…perseverance, proven character, Hope.” At times you may not see how, but you know Him who has promised. Your tribulations, great pressures, and suffering, He will use as a means to spiritually mature and increase “perseverance, proven character, hope,” in you and through you as a testimony to the transforming, life-changing work of God!


It is painful to go through tribulations and sufferings of various kinds, but for the follower of Christ in these verses, He gives the information… speaks about the Transformation He will produce, and therefore because we “KNOW” comes the “exultation,” we can “EXULT,” be joyfully confident, because we know the end of these “tribulations” is our being changed, maturing in our character, Christlikeness.

So, if you are in a tough place, going through various difficulties, and suffering, please know God loves you, is in charge, and will cause them to work out for your “good.” God HAS NOT Abandoned you but is working. What it “appears” to be and what it actually is- are two different things. One is to view it from a natural perspective, what is seen, versus what God SAYS in His Word and view it as it IS through the lens of Scripture, and so we walk by faith and not by sight and we can exult, boast, be joyfully confident because we KNOW, are fully aware of what GOD is doing, will do because He has revealed it to us through His Word! You have “INSIDE INFORMATION!”

You are not ignorant, you cannot say, “I don’t know what God is doing?” Because Romans 5:3-5 reveals you do! And by faith, you affirm it is so because His Word says it is!

Consider hiding Romans 5:3-5 in your heart, memorizing, meditating upon the verse, and THANKING God for what He is bringing about in your life.

Tribulations are common to all people, but as His people, they have a Divine Purpose in our lives! Seek to share the GOD news with someone who is in need of Hope and could benefit from Romans 5:3-5 –

God Bless, and be encouraged, what may seem as “nonsense” to others makes sense to you as you view your trials, troubles, and sufferings through the lens of God’s Word. It doesn’t mean it is easy or less painful, but it does mean you know what God is doing and it will produce something good as He promises “all things” including the very thing you are going through will work out for “Good”. That’s His promise, and He has never failed nor ever will fail to keep His Word![{Romans 8:28-29}