The Mind Of Christ Is – Others Over Self! 

Do nothing from selfishness or empty conceit, but with humility of mind regard one another as more important than yourselves; do not merely look out for your own personal interests, but also for the interests of others. Have THIS Mind {attitude} IN yourselves which was also IN Christ Jesus, -{ Phil 2:3-5}

THE MIND OF CHRIST – Is to continually THINK His Views as revealed in His Word as in Philippians 2:3-5 And is Others Over Self… THE OPPOSITE OF The Mind Of Christ  which is -Self over Others…

Your Thinking Is Either

* SELF OVER OTHERS {Is motivated by “…selfish ambition and vain conceit”- Regarding  SELF as more important than others. SEEKING the interests of SELF above All others! A failure to”value,”{NIV},”as more important” others above yourself due to a lack of “humility of mind!” It is to live as a lost person, not under the authority of the Lord Jesus!}


* OTHERS OVER SELF {Valuing, regarding others as more important than yourselves…Looking habitually …to… the interests of others, “Humility Of Mind,” means “LOWLINESS OF MIND,”}

One is “The Mind of Christ,” The Other Isn’t!

“The Mind of Christ,” is meant to influence us in our decision making and involves Thinking habitually about others, looking with intent, purposely, considerately to benefit them, by “valuing”{NIV},REGARDING OTHERS AS “more important than yourselves,” – which is manifested by looking out for their interests… Through…

Submitting your Mind to Christ…

Serving others for the sake of Christ…

Sacrificially so, as exhibited by Christ in Phil 2:5-11.

Supplied by His Spirit to Power to accomplish it {Read Phil 2:13 NLT}


In What Way Can You See Your THINKING Lived out?

Which of the two are you modelling, living out daily in your thinking and as a result your choices, “Self over Others or Others over Self…? Who around you are you presently Preferring and Providing for ? Who around you can you Prefer and Provide for their interests?

READ PHIL 2:3-4…MEMORIZE IT AND MEDITATE UPON IT AS A MEANS TO HELP DISCERN AND DIRECT your thinking in DEVELOPING “The Mind Of Christ…” And DISPLAYING “The Mind Of Christ” in your living.

PERSONAL INVENTORY; Can you imagine if people actually lived out “The Mind of Christ?” What Love would be manifested and “By This all men will know you are My Disciple by your LOVE for one another.”-{John 13;35}. And the “Mind Of Christ” is love, the Cross the evidence!  But instead of generalizing “what if people actually lived out…” It is personal.  Personal Responsibility! What if I … what if You…lived it out? We are responsible for ourselves… Chose today to Live out “The Mind Of Christ”… Others Over Self, For Jesus Sake!

Live out the “Mind Of Christ”