“…momentary light afflictions in comparison to eternal glory.”- (2 Cor 4:17.) 

Paul gives a key of How to Endure pain of life. It is Adopt an Eternal Perspective; The word, “afflictions,” speak of great pressures, crushing! Paul was not saying there was not suffering involved that was not real, painful, crushing but “IN COMPARISON TO”- “eternal glory” which awaits the Suffering Christian are not to be compared. Why not? One is temporal, it is so, so short when viewed from the expanse of eternity. It is but a vapor! Paul calls it, “momentary.”  Paul calls us to TRAIN our THINKING on “eternal glory.” “The future glory” that awaits us, where we will see Christ and be with Him, eternally! It is only “momentary light afflictions,” when it is compared to eternity! There is nothing “light” by the sufferings he had gone through. Read 2 Corinthians 11 and 12- shocking suffering. He had years of suffering and more to come, and yet he calls it “light.” The word, “momentary,” means, ‘a brief amount of time.’ Brief in light of his eternal view on the eternal plan! ‘Light,” {elaphros,},” means “a weightless trifle, a nothing, fluff,” From an earthly perspective it was horrendous, painful, chronic. But Paul’s perspective was not temporal but eternal!  “But God,…” in the midst allows him to have Eternal perspective. The big picture and the long term plan, “the eternal plan…”Amazing grace to be able to empower him to view his afflictions in light of eternity, his conclusion, “momentary, light  afflictions!” The sufferings of Paul were not light momentary  afflictions apart from...IN COMPARISON TO…. Neither are your afflictions, great pressure momentary light, apart from, IN COMPARISON TO… Eternal Glory!  What is ETERNAL? – GOD THE FATHER, JESUS, THE HOLY SPIRIT, THE WORD OF GOD, HEAVEN, HELL, THE SOULS OF MEN etc! Eternal minded over temporal things that are perishing. Eternal glory, his capacity to increase in PRAISE out of love for his LORD. Future Hope…

* Pain is temporal. Eternity is forever! One has a time limit, the other is Timeless! * Train your mind to Think On The Future Hope of- Future Glory. Future Hope…assurance of…

* Eternal Glory of – Being With Christ Forever!

* Eternal Glory of – In His Presence Is Fullness of Joy

* Eternal Glory of – No More Pain

* Eternal Glory of – At His Right Hand Are Pleasure’s Forever More

* Eternal Glory of- Increasing your capacity to Praise Him who loves you

Light afflictions…producing in us… perspective… eternal perspective in our pain!


Think on things above where Christ is seated. Col 3:1-3