The way we THINK influences how we feel and act.

If you THINK God is against you, out to get you, never pleased with you, you will live in despair, hopelessness, a sense of “never being good enough,” and a constant feeling down, and act accordingly. When we do so it is because…We have believed a lie about God. Guard your mind!- {Read Phil 4:8}

God LOVES you continuously Is how it is written grammatically -{Read Rev 1:5}

God is FOR You not against you -{Read Rom 8:31}

God LIKES you -{Read John 16:27. the word “love” here is phileo, which speaks of affection, to like…}

God has FORGIVEN you totally, irrevocably{Read Col 2:13-14}

God ACCEPTS You completely, “In Christ” -{Read Eph 1:6}

God has FREED you from spiritual Bondage and to Love others -{Read Gal 5:2;13}

  1. RE READ the above and Personalize and THANK HIM for each one, “LORD THANK YOU, YOU Love me continually… Thank You, You are FOR me and not against me… THANK You, You Like me…., Thank You, You have FORGIVEN me eternally,… Thank You, You completely ACCEPT me… Thank You, that you have FREED me from all spiritual bondage and given me the ability to humbly serve and love others… and all because of what you have done for me “In Christ!” THANK You for the TRUTH of Your Word that sets me free from the lies {Read John 8:32}.

    This morning I awoke and my thoughts were leading me down, through the trap door of despair, “But God…” reminded me of the truth of His Word and I worked my way through the TRUTH of His Word who I am In Christ using the alphabet to aid me in reminding me of a letter and putting an appropriate truth to coincide like A- I am ACCEPTED etc…. indeed it was my DECLARATION OF TRUTH of what IS TRUE OF ME IN CHRIST.

    Perhaps you could place the above thoughts, in a place you can see and these verses may help you each morning to begin your day or at the end of the day reminding yourself of who you are “In Christ” and what God says is TRUE of You, to encourage yourself in the faith and to counteract the LIES that seek to demoralize, deceive you!

    If You or I reject Truth and go through “the Trap door” of Despair, it is because…. you or I have… Chosen to Reject the Work of the LORD Jesus Christ. It is because…you or I have… Chosen to Reject God’s Word!   It is to exercise Faith in self based on what we wrongly “feel” over faith, reliance in what God says in His Word!

    Perhaps by way to help you remember…Place the thoughts, outline, verses on your bathroom mirror so as you brush your teeth you can see and be reminded and make your DECLARATION OF TRUTH and encourage and build up your faith with Facts, as you see, read and meditate upon His Truth!

    Bottom Line. Say what God says about you and ONLY what God says about you “in Christ” {Read Eph 1:3-14-“in Whom, In Christ, “in Him”} and begin to renew the way you think.{Rom 12:2}… so that you think what God says, irrespective of how you may feel! Good news!