I was sitting at a table in a hotel in England early last week and a waitress comes by and asks how my morning was? I told her I was,” praising The Lord!” With that she took half a step back and was silent! I told her I had been thinking that morning on what The Lord says, “their sins and iniquities I WILL remember NO MORE.”- {Hebrews 81:12}

“No More…” will He hold our sins and iniquities against us because He held them against Jesus on our behalf! When the evil one should bring to our minds our sins and iniquities, we can respond “NO MORE!” God has promised, “No More” will He hold them against us. With that, this elderly lady began to smile and praise The Lord and left my table. With a plate in one hand she punched the air with the other and said,” Hallelujah!”

DOES GOD HAVE AMNESIA? What a wonderful way to begin the day with a “hallelujah!” God has promised “I WILL Remember… NO MORE.” It is not that He has amnesia for He is Omniscient, knowing all things presently past and future. So His Memory is not the issue, it is a choice He has made and maintains for all eternity, based on the blood of the Lord Jesus shed in Calvary to satisfy the laws demands and the righteousness of God. He stood in our place, as our Substitute, bearing ALL of our sin and the wrath of God poured out on Him. God was satisfied with His offering once and for all, therefore all who repent towards God and place their faith in the Lord Jesus are pardoned. Part of the wonderful blessing we have in our new standing in Christ is “NO MORE….will He Hold our sin against us, having held it against the Lord Jesus once and forever!

There is Hope in Christ. There is Encouragement from His Word. There is cause for praise, wonder, adoration, and appreciation to God for this wonderful magnificent Promise, that our sins and Iniquities he has chosen to “…remember NO MORE!”

If God does not hold your sin against you, do not allow the evil one to condemn you. To embrace condemnation is to reject what God has done for you and says about you! Instead embrace His Promise in Hebrews 8 concerning what He says “NO MORE.” Live in light of what God has done and declares concerning you. You are part of the “NO MORE” whom God has declared, your sins, your iniquities, He will not hold against you. He will not bring them up in order to torment, condemn, belittle, or harass your mind. “There is therefore NOW (present tense) NO condemnation for those in Christ.” – {Romans 8:1}

Choose to Celebrate the LORD and His Work on your behalf

Choose to Meditate on the wonder and the Promise of God

Choose to STOP – right now and thank Him this is true for you “In Christ”

PURPOSE TO SHARE- Choose to share today this wonderful truth with someone to encourage them. You could ask them a simple question as a means to enter into their life, “Do you mind if I share what I have been reading and thinking about with you?” Not many people will say “no”…. and if they say “sure” then share the good news of this wonderful promise of God that cost His Son His life to apply to our lives. This is not a matter of “feelings” but of Faith! Faith in the Word of God!

Sometimes when I am seeking to share with a dear soul, I may, in answer to someone who asks”how are you” reply with saying something to the effect as I DID in England with that dear lady, “Praising the Lord I have been thinking on something I read ….” and proceed to share a verse. Maybe you can adopt something similar in order to get into people’s lives and share with them.

God has “erased” all of your sins- Col 2:13. The word in the passage  “canceled,” means “erased”. Through the cross ALL of your sins and iniquities were dealt with by the LORD Jesus, how wonderful is He!

GOD’S IRREVOCABLE PROMISE TO YOU- God has promised, “Their sins and Iniquities I WILL remember NO MORE.” God has made His Eternal choice “I WILL” and who can change what He declares and does? No One!!! Unbelief does not change the Facts, “feelings” do not change the facts! Faith in His faithfulness embraces and rests and rejoices in His Truth!

GOD WANTS YOU TO BE ENCOURAGED. What a Savior! Like that dear lady early that morning in England (with darkness outside) there was the light of His Word to cheer her heart.  Her response of “Hallelujah” not only encouraged her, but me also as I went into my day seeing a fellow believer (whom I had never met) encouraged. Be encouraged your sins and iniquities God has promised to remember (never again to hold against you) “NO MORE!” This is freedom from condemnation, guilt, shame and should produce amazement towards Him, adoration, celebration, and appreciation… indeed a “HALLELUJAH! Choose to Live by faith in the Faithfulness of God whose Word He has given and preserved for you and others.

  • Today THINK on the TRUTH.