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“Keep your behavior excellent among the Gentiles, so that in the thing in which they slander you as evildoers, they may because of your good deeds, as they observe them, glorify God in the day of visitation.{Read 1 Peter 2:12}

When I was young I loved it when during the Summer months, relatives came to visit, as we would not see them often, so it was a big deal. The house would be cleaned, extra food would be purchased for them. There was a real excitement, and anticipation all day, and we never knew what time of day they would arrive from their long journey, we just knew they were coming. Peter writes to the believers and assures them there will be a visitation… and it will be from the LORD… and this is reason in verse 11 that they should “abstain” from sin and why they should “keep “ their “behavior Excellent” and continue to do “good deeds,” as the habit of their life, in the choices that they make in the hostile environment they found themselves in of suffering, slander and “Abstain,” keep away from sin.
They were accused as “evil-doers.” The word was used of a “criminal” as used of Jesus in John 18;30. And with this word, “evildoers,” when used towards someone was the assumption that they deserved to be severely punished! Yet they had the motivation to “Abstain” from yielding to sin. They were “Beloved By God,”-{v11} and they were to “Keep your behavior Excellent.” “Excellent” means, “good, virtuous, beautiful, attractive.” Attractive to what end? “So that in “The DAY OF VISITATION,” The unbelievers may GLORIFY, and esteem God for who He is!
The phrase “DAY OF VISITATION” was used in the Old Testament to speak of Blessings and Judgment. In the New Testament…it is used of Redemption…Salvation… the Favor of God as used in…
  • “Blessed be the Lord God of Israel, or He has visited us and accomplished redemption for His people,”-{Luke 1:68}
  • “Fear gripped them all, and they began glorifying God, saying, “A great prophet has arisen among us!” and, “God has visited His  people!” –{Luke 7:16}
  • “Because you did not recognize the time of your visitation from God.”-{Luke 19:44}
Many commentators believe it is speaking of Redemption… and that when the LORD visits the person to save He will have used the lives of His people, how they have been living “attractive” lives, which included their “abstaining ” from sinful lusts. {Read v 11}, and through living visible lives of “good deeds” despite being slandered of being “evil-doers,” their actions showed the opposite, filled with “good deeds.”-{Read v 12}. Their lives were attractive as also manifested through their humility, and submission to civic authority, in the midst of suffering.-{Read v 13}. In the case of the people Peter writes to, who were suffering, and slandered but who were SHINING as His lights, did not Jesus say, “ In the same way, let your light shine before others, that they may SEE your good deeds and glorify your Father in heaven.“-{Matt 5:16 }. Their “good deeds” were to be EVIDENT… VISIBLE… So Peter, encourages the suffering, slandered ones that God will use their lives to WITNESS through their “Excellent Behavior… Abstaining from sin… their “…good deeds…” Why? Because the non-believers, the slanderers, were WATCHING them, not with a mere glimpse every now and then, but scrutinizing them, a constant contemplation, as the word “Observe” refers to!
So, he gives them the motivation to live “excellent” and “attractive” lives so that  it may result in others GLORIFYING GOD, in the “DAY OF VISITATION!” So here is a Godly motivation to continue living such a God-honoring attractive life so that when the LORD visits the unbelievers with salvation they will GLORIFY HIM for the “…good deeds” they have lived before them… and so also for you today, here is motivation for the life you live in a hostile world, living before them… with the aim, they too may GLORIFY GOD!
  • Your Life Matters for the Kingdom of God.
  • Your Behavior matters.
  • Your Choices matter.
  • You’re doing good matters. It matters for you. It matters for those who observe you, it matters because the LORD uses you in the lives of others!
  • Your Life Matters.
What if you or I have not made wise and Godly choices, have not kept our behavior excellent, and have not been a light, but a stumbling block? Confess our sin, turn from it to following HIM, depending on His Spirit to empower {Read Phil 2:13} and begin afresh!
Society needs to SEE Christ… and this they will do THROUGH you as you continue to live a virtuous, good, excellent, beautiful life…“doing good”
It is against the blackness of the night that the stars are most visible and shine brightest!
They let their character do the talking and their character was VISIBLE to the unbelievers, to the slanderers, and who caused suffering… was “ EXCELLENT Behavior…GOOD DEEDS!”
And so you and I may never experience the suffering these dear people did, but you and I too are tempted to sin… and you and I must choose… what our life habits, life’s choices will be and we too because the LORD consider us His “Beloved” have another motivation to do so, namely…The “DAY OF VISITATION”… though not all will be saved, there are some who will be and God wants to and will and is using your life to shine against the darkness of sin to point others to Him. And isn’t it interesting it is in the midst of severe trials and distressful circumstances that God is using them. Your difficulties can be opportunities as others observe your life to eventually see something of the supernatural work of God in your life and even ask what is the Hope that is within you {1 Peter 3:15}. But even if they do not ask they SEE Christ in you by your lifestyle. They see your good deeds when under severe pressures, difficulties, and suffering and it prompts them to Glorify Him when He visits them with salvation!
So, you continue to let His love for you motivate you, Keeping your behavior excellent, abstain from sin though you are slandered, and let the thought of  God being GLORIFIED in the “DAY OF Visitation” motivate you as you remember Jesus is still seeking to save the lost and He uses people to co-labor with Him, such as…you! We don’t know who or when “The day of visitation” will come when the Spirit of God will convict someone of sin and show them the LORD Jesus is the answer and they too will be born again. But just like as a child I waited, watched with anticipation for my relatives whom I loved, to come to visit, so you too can watch with anticipation, that there is a “Day of Visitation” as when the LORD interrupted Paul’s life on the road to Damascus…and when the LORD…interrupted your life and saved you. Know… He still seeks to save the lost. There still is a “DAY OF VISITATION,” and the potential that those who are lost in your circle may turn from sin to God and place their trust in the LORD Jesus Christ and GLORIFY God!
So, AS DIFFICULT or as pleasant, or as mundane as your circumstances may be, keep these three truth before you today to motivate you as you live for Him…
1.- WORSHIP– We can choose our lives to be an attitude and act of Worship through submitting to His Word as an expression of our gratitude and His worthiness.


2.-  WITNESS– People are watching.


3. WINNING A SOUL– God used the people as they behold their character and good deeds, deeds of kindness under great stress, abstaining from sin, keeping their behavior excellent and attractive, that when the “DAY OF VISITATION” CAME, PEOPLE HAD GLORIFIED God on account of what they had SEEN…. and may such characteristics and choices by you be evident, manifested so that those who watch you, SEE these in your life -{1 Peter 2:12}. Work in such a way with one eye on winning souls!

“Keep your behavior excellent among the Gentiles, so that in the thing in which they slander you as evildoers, they may because of your good deeds, as they observe them, glorify God in the day of visitation.”-{1 Peter 2:12}.
Your Life Matters for Eternity! 🙂
God  Bless. Keep investing your life for the sake of those who are watching!