For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish people…”- {1 Peter 2:15}

It Was a Horrific time. The followers of Christ were suffering. Intensely, “Fiery trials…distressed”-{1:6} Nero the emperor it is believed burnt down Rome and blamed the Followers of our LORD Jesus, which caused great hostility towards them. And he tells them how to respond. Do “God’s will!” And what could that be? “…For it is God’s will that by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish people.”-{1 Peter 2:15}. He tells them what “God’s will” is for them in that climate of suffering and it is “…by doing good.” What is the “Good?” In v13 he commands them to “submit yourselves” to the civic authorities, and the motivation? “For the LORD’S SAKE,” And as they do this “GOOD,” FOR THE Lord’s honor and not to bring dishonor to His Name and fame and show by their lives that He has, is, changing them and by their good, Godly behavior, they are not a threat to society but model citizens whose lives can be held up, examined and exemplified! And He shows them how they can shut up their enemies, by “doing good,…well doing…” and “… by doing good you should silence the ignorant talk of foolish people.”

The word “Silence,” means to, “Gag, Muzzle, restrain,” them. The word he uses for “ignorance,” is not a lack of information, knowledge, but the word used here means “willful hostility!” To willfully reject, hostile towards the truth. Hostile in their response to the Truth. He then says they are not only “Ignorant” but also “Foolish” which is “a lack of mental sanity…reckless…insane…” They are so opposed to the Gospel, the LORD, His message and messengers with hostility and a lack of sanity, reason, and the way to shut them up , muzzle them, gag them is “by doing good…doing right,” and the passage shows us how to.

  1. – “Submit yourselves…”- to civic authority – {v 13-14}
  2. -“For the LORD’S Sake…”  -{v 13}
  3. – It is “GOD’S WILL…” -{v 15}
  4. – And in doing these you are “Doing Good…Doing Right” and is manifested in your virtuous character, choices to be a God Honoring citizen in a society that is Godless, through your “well doing!” -{v 16}

This is how God’s Word says will “silence, muzzle “ them, shut them up! Your life does matter.

Many a person can go through life believing and being disheartened, believing that the LORD has not or is not using them, but that lie is exposed in that as they are good, Godly citizens… they are modeling one aspect of “GOD’S WILL…” as they continue “Doing Good…” No, perhaps the suffering is not, or some of us will never experience the intensity such as in Peter’s day but there is still Hostility against the Gospel, and you can do “GOD’S will” as you model what it means to be a Citizen of Heaven –{Phil 3:21}… living as His citizen in this world!! Your living for Christ, submitting to His Will, doing good, For the LORD’S Sake… is making a difference, and… Honors Him!

Let your character do the talking …God’s Citizen and a good Citizen as evidence of belonging to the LORD…so when you do speak they cannot convict you of hypocrisy of being a poor citizen. -🙂