“Bless the LORD oh my soul and ALL that is within me. Bless His holy Name…”-Psalm 103

The psalmist gives five reasons to bless, praise, to “Bless” means “to speak well of,” The LORD.  Who is the LORD? Scripture says He is GOD {Gen 2:4-5} The Provider {Gen 22} The Self –Existing One {Ex 3:13-15} The Covenant Keeping One {Dut 7:9} The Unchanging One{Malachi 3:6} The Sovereign One {Ish 45} and it is to Him David turns and finds reason to BLESS, Speak well of the LORD!

1. – Bless His … Holy Name
2. – Bless the LORD …who pardons All your iniquities
3. – Bless the LORD… Who heals the diseases of the soul
4.-  Bless the LORD … Who redeemed your soul from the pit
5. – Bless the LORD.. Who crowns you with loving-kindness
6. – Bless the LORD…who renews your strength

Choose Who and What you think on! If you Chose to THINK on Him and Chose to praise Him…you take your thoughts captive rather than allowing thoughts to take you captive. Thoughts such as, discouragement disappointment, fear, the “what if’s,” the “why’s,” the thoughts of anxieties, all seek to take your mind captive. All these thoughts seek to imprison you from thinking right about God and loving God with all of your MIND!

Elevate your thinking by choosing to think RIGHT about Him. The psalmist as it were DICTATES to his soul what he will do! If no other will, he will BLESS THE LORD..,

  • Don’t wait till you “feel” like it.
  • Don’t wait till more favorable circumstances come around.
  • DO CHOOSE to THINK on The LORD. This is a choice to be made.
  • No one outside of you can stop you from Thinking Right about the Lord.
  • No one outside of you can cause you not to Bless the LORD.

God has given you the power {Phil 4:13; 2 Pet 1:3}

God has given you {precious and magnificent promises { 2 Peter 1:4}

God has given you His Word- which is True and ETERNAL { Psalm 119:7-11; 1 Peter 1:25}

“I WILL…” – “He who offers a sacrifice of praise honors Me.” In the hard difficult place … Chose… To speak to yourself and say, I WILL bless the LORD… O my soul. I will bless His Holy Name.  Not, “I don’t, ”feel” like it or “what’s in it for me?” or when things change “THEN I WILL… but as a general arouses his army, so you as it were pull your soul by  the scruff of the neck and say, ”soul…I WILL BLESS the LORD.” This is not optional, this is a privilege to be availed of because the LORD is worthy to be Spoken well of, praised, Blessed!  This is not up for DEBATE. This is NOT OPTIONAL. This is not something I might do, depending on how I feel. This… I WILL DO!  Though no other do it soul…l WILL do it! It’s not because if what I might get. BUT IT IS BECAUSE HE IS WORTHY FOR ME TO BLESS, PRAISE, SPEAK WELL OF THE LORD GOD…!


1. -MEMORIZE  and MEDIATE- PSALM 103:1-5… Write it on a 3 by 5 card and carry with you and when you have free moments look at it. Think on it word by word phrase by phrase and hide in your heart as fuel for your praise. Look up the passages in some commentaries to see what each word means and BLESS THE LORD – HE IS WORTHY!

2. – PRACTICE THE WORD! – do what it says…NOW

But prove yourselves DOERS OF THE WORD  and not merely hearers who delude themselves.”- James 1:22. Do you see the DANGER from this verse. It is not enough to hear the Word, agree with the Word…if  you do not OBEY the Word you delude yourself! WOW!  Let us learn and practice His Word…

YOU HAVE FIVE REASONS FROM THIS VERSE TO…. “BLESS THE LORD.” To Praise Him, to Speak well of Him. Now the CHOICE is yours… Is He worthy? Has He given you reasons from these few verses? Then it is time, NOW time to “BLESS THE LORD O MY SOUL AND ALL THAT IS WITHIN ME, BLESS HIS HOLY NAME!

This is a New days for you. This is New MOMENT for you. CHOOSE TO BLESS HIM NOW –