What a beautiful verse Romans 8:28 is. One writer has said it as like a “pillow to a tired soul.”

What a promise, the phrase “work together” is! The Greek word “synergeo” is where we get out English word “synergy” from, which means all the elements, the different parts, the “bits and pieces” come together, “working together” for a common purpose…cooperating as one and that end in God’s purpose is the bringing of these individual and seemingly indifferent parts together, united as one to produce “good” in our lives as Believers. Ultimately our eternal good! Read Rom 8:29!

We may go through a tough time, a tragedy, and cannot see anything good coming out of it…“But God…” He WILL bring good out of it because He PROMISES and He wants us to be assured and so He says and assures us so we can say, “we know…” this too will work out for Good. Because He who promises is faithful.

I don’t have to know how but I know WHO is personally, presently, actively “working together” all of it for my “good!”

God is “working together” is in the present tense that means God is INTIMATELY and ACTIVELY merging, “working together” all things for the purpose of your Good. Think about it God is working on your behalf, not every now and then but as the tense teaches , He is continually Intimately and Actively working on your behalf to achieve His purpose in your life. How good is that. Some sport stars have agents who they pay to work on their behalf, and there are no guarantees they can get them what they want we have GOD working on our behalf and He achieves all HE Purposes for us!!


God is working together for your good….

The good, the bad, the mundane, the shame, the pain, the difficulties, the overwhelming circumstance, the “bits and pieces” of our lives, at times shattered dreams, disappointments, betrayals, sin, our own and that of others against us. The joys, the suffering, the trials as Paul says in Rom 8:26 even when we don’t know how to pray even in those times is the promise God is working, God is “working” bringing them all together for one great purpose your “good”. You may not always be aware of it but by faith you say, perhaps through tears “we know God causes all things to WORK TOGETHER for good…” and this difficulty TOO God will gather the broken pieces and shattered bits and “work together” for GOOD! That is His Promise, and He has never broken a promise and He will not begin with you or me. God is faithful.

God not only takes the pain but also the pleasure and “we know “- God is orchestrating all this as part of His divine purpose in your life… for your “good!”

What a pillow of rest this is for the tired soul! TAKE HEART IN GOD and His Word who “…causes all things to work together for good to those who love HIM and are the called…”-{Rom 8:28}

All the Bits and pieces of your life are in His Hand and He is putting them all together, the broken bits and making something beautiful out of them, and He is taking these “bits and pieces” and like a jigsaw puzzle that we look at several thousand pieces thrown down on a table and don’t have the picture on the box and may not be able to figure out how this will all work out HE DOES. He has the picture and Power in Hand to do so and He wants you to “KNOW” and trust Him that He is “WORKING TOGETHER” all things for your Good!

Comfort your weary heart and mind on His Promise in Romans 8:28

You have heard the children’s rhyme story of “Humpty Dumpty” who fell off the wall and broken in so many pieces that no one could put him back together again, we can often feel like that there is no help… “BUT GOD…”can and does put all the parts, the broken, bruised parts together again and makes someone beautiful!

You may say , “My Life is in BITS… Pieces”… but don’t stop there for there is a “But God….” He takes those bits, shattered bits, broken pieces and is presently, personally, actively “working together” all for your good! Conforming you to the image of Christ -{Read Rom 8:29}. You are in Good Hands. His Nail scarred Hands of Love!

Share with someone about The God who can take “the bits and pieces” of life and is Presently “working together” all of them for their “good!”- 😀