A “NEW”- New Years Goal – 

 “Christ will even now, as always, BE MAGNIFIED {Exalted} in MY BODY whether by life or by death.

We get our word “mega” from the word used here for “Magnify”, some translators use the word ” exalted,” The word means to Make Big, Make Large, Great, Exalt, Honor. To MAKE GREAT, GET GLORY, GET PRAISE. Paul saw his life had one purpose the magnifying, exalting, making Christ large through his body whether by life or by death, Jesus Christ “magnified” was his goal, that He would get the glory, praise, from the way he lived his life. It did not depend on his circumstances but on his fixed conviction of WHY and WHAT he lived for – “Christ Magnified” in my body- whether I live- his goal- “Christ magnified.” What about dying? “Christ magnified…in my death!” Christ intoxicated! Paul had a single purpose “CHRIST MAGNIFIED” to have Him as the word mean “Enlarged and Exalted” in his life his goal, in his “body.”

* Whether a young “body”- “Christ Magnified” The Goal
* Whether an older “body,” – “Christ Magnified” The Goal!
* Whether a Healthy “Body”- “Christ Magnified” The Goal!
* Whether a Sick “Body”- “Christ Magnified” The Goal!

*The Condition of “my body” may change. BUT NOT The Purpose- “Christ Magnified… in my Body”

Whatever CIRCUMSTANCES we find ourselves in this year, be they “prosperous,” or “difficult” God help us to have this one glorious GOAL- “CHRIST MAGNIFIED!” The “body” we have the vehicle to ” magnify, exalt ” Him. Paul was in prison when he wrote Philippians approx 30 years after his conversion and his heart was not growing old and cold but his spiritual vitality was Christ Himself. His master passion was “that I may KNOW HIM…”-{Phil 3;8,10}. And whatever his circumstances, they would not master him though extremely difficult at times, his pursuit was knowing Jesus Christ more and more, and the Magnifying, enlarging and exalting Christ in his life, in his “body” whether he lived or he died, his cry was “CHRIST MAGNIFIED…in my body!”

May the year ahead be one of “Christ magnified”– in your circumstances {Phil 1:12}. in prayer- ( Phil 1:9) evangelism- (1:13) ; encouragement!- (1:14) … Whether with little or much (4:10-13) Christ magnified in your body in the circumstances you find yourself in, be they pleasurable or difficult circumstances your heart and focus be continually fixed – “Christ magnified in my body whether by life or by death.” And the key? Paul said,” For me to live (is) Christ and to die us gain,”- ( 1:21). When Christ is our life, pursuit, passion, Himself our goal, not joy, not blessing but Himself then, by His Spirit, working in us and through us this honoring desire and goal ” Christ Magnified…in my body” becomes more and more our motivation.

** Note, Paul did mot say “Me Be Magnified” but “Christ…” 
How easy it is for us to displace Christ in who or what we want “magnified,” anything or anyone other than “Christ be magnified” is idolatrous, and a manifestation of departing from Him as “first love.” But Thank God we can confess and repent and return to Him and pursue His agenda in our body, namely “CHRIST MAGNIFIED…” in whatever circumstance we find ourselves in with the “Body” we have!

While multitudes want to change the shape, size, look of their “BODY,” when it comes to new years pursuits and resolutions many a Christian forgets the purpose of our “body” is “Christ Exalted in my BODY…” and this the goal, “…Whether By Life Or Death.”-{Phil 1:20}. While many are taken up with what their body looks like we need to be employing our body as the vehicle, “Christ Magnified,” as the goal.

Do we need a “NEW” NEW GOAL…OR IN NEED TO REVISE our GOAL? In your New Year’s pursuits ” resolution” where is Christ and the magnifying of Him in your or my goals?


Let’s pause and pray for one another that He would give us His desire and goal for one another and our families and those whom we pray for and whom we meet in our circumstances, “Christ magnified whether by life or by death in my BODY.”